Healthy holidays

Healthy Easter holidays

The Christmas holidays are already far away, so you have already accumulated eager to enjoy a few days of rest. The lack of festivities in the first months of the year has made that Easter is, for many, the exhaust valve to escape the responsibilities and recharge the batteries before the return to routine. However, if we do not want those well deserved vacation to become a bad memory, we must deal with certain details, in which health acquires great relevance.
If the trip is going to be long...
We have chosen beach or mountain to enjoy the holiday, much of the afortnuados that can escape will be some time in the car. Although it is difficult to fight traffic jams, we can do much to make the hours in our car in less stressful. Drive cautiously is the first tip, but it is also doing so having rested properly to prevent us to sleep at the wheel or to lose concentration. It is just as important to rest every two hours travel: get off the car, stretch your legs, take a small walk, drink fluids containing no alcohol, going to the bathroom... On the link below to find many more tips to combat fatigue when driving.
People who choose public transport must also have certain precautions to not suffer health problems, especially those that go to travelling long distances. The syndrome of the tourist class, traditionally associated with air travel and whose main problem is the appearance of clots in the legs, which can even to cause cardiovascular accidents, can also occur in other means of transport that will pass many hours sitting just mobility.
To avoid problems, so convenient getting up from the seat and take small walks down the aisle of the plane or train, wearing comfortable clothes, hydrate well and perform movements with the legs to keep them enable (rotations of ankles, lifting and opening of legs...); people with poor circulation should take extra precautions, and in these cases, understanding stockings are a great help.

Tips for your health during the holidays

Medication is another important topic in holiday. People who follow a treatment should be put in the suitcase, first of all to prevent forgetfulness in sufficient quantities so that there are no problems. If we suffer any disease, it is also convenient to always travel with a photocopy of the medical report, because, if we have any relapse or associated problem, it will help the emergency physicians know what is the best treatment and how was the patient treated until then; If the trip is made abroad, this report should be translated into English and the medication should always go in hand luggage, possible loss of luggage. Moreover, persons carrying pacemaker must travel always with the tab of the device and the medical report to, in this way, avoid passing through security checkpoints that exist in certain tourist attractions and airports.
Although our State of health is good, it is not more prepare a small travel kit to be prepared against possible problems. This bag should take medication Basic for headaches, fever, or bruises, as well as material to make small cures to blisters, burns or cuts. Along with these basic things, those products that will depend on your personal characteristics (e.g., pills for seasickness if we are prone to this) should be included or the destination of the trip that we have chosen (as repellent of mosquitoes for areas with marshes or wooded).

Protect yourself from the star King

Problems with the Sun are also very common in Easter - provided that it doesn't rain us-. Let's go to the beach or to the field, the fact that the Sun is not as strong as we go down the guard in summer and not to protect us properly. That is a very common mistake, because the rays of Sun of April and the end of March are just as harmful as the summer. Thus, is important use sunscreen protection factor adequate to our skin type and never less than 30, cover your head with a hat and wear Sun glasses homologated and with all health checks. We must also avoid being exposed to the Sun in the Central hours of the day (from 12.00 to 16.00 hours), increase the intake of water and check If you take medication, which is not photosensitive, as you may cause us side effects.

Bearable processions

Easter is, of course, processions and accumulations of people time. If this is our travel plan, we must take care not to spend too much time standing waiting for the moment in which the procession pass, bring a folding chair or to alternatively download our body weight in each of the legs, drink plenty of water and capped the head to prevent sunstroke...
People elderly or with health problems should refrain from attending mass processions and comply with those that it's not necessary to spend much time waiting for "catch a good place".
If you'll only see a procession, as if you are going to participate in it as costalero or colleague, here you will find some more tips to care for your health these days.

Alternatives if you stay at home holiday

Who does not have free days or budget enough to make a trip also can enjoy pleasant moments that, as well as help you to disconnect, benefiting health. It's healthy leisure which intends to combine fun and relaxation in one of the forms of entertainment each day gaining more followers.
Afford one evening at a spa can be one of the best plans that help recharge your batteries without the need to spend hours in a car stuck in a traffic jam. Relaxing, energizing massage, therapeutic, with scents, slimming, chocolate... the menu of options is huge and sure that there will be any relaxation offerings tailored to what you are looking for. These massages, made after an hour in swimming pools with jets or a jacuzzi, will make the afternoon round.
For those with a tighter budget, there is the possibility to spend a magnificent day strolling through a nearby park, making a getaway to any nearby natural and resting in the shade of a tree with a good book; If this ride we do on the shore of the sea with the water hitting us at the height of the ankles, the benefit will be double because we will provide blood circulation. To who want you to do something different can borrow from a friend, or rent a bike or some roller skates, and relieve tension while we take care of our heart with this type of cardiovascular exercise as healthy.
And if during the year you don't have time for work, this holiday period might be a good time to challenge a friend to a showering of paddle, tennis or squash. Get a few laps in the pool, or running half hour breathing fresh air, are other options if you have abandoned your friends by the Virgin of any nearby town.
Also enjoy a good restaurant is a great plan for these days. Choose healthy menus with top quality products and performed by expert hands is a great choice of healthy leisure that may be the perfect icing for an afternoon of museums or a day with the children in the Park playing with them and, thus, do a little exercise.
There are many plans to enjoy Easter and return to the routine with fully charged batteries. That Yes, always taking care of health, to avoid having to pass a bad drink.
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