How to make ink or toner cartridges last longer?

With the arrival of Inkjet printers and laser printers economic market, users of such devices began to use them without thinking about the cost of their input, namely ink cartridges and toner, which is also true, fortunately are fairly inexpensive. It is clear that we are talking about an environment office small or home.
Now the scenario changes if it is an activity in the which to shroud or display of the work necessary to many hundreds of sheets of paper are printed, languishing in the process obviously much ink or toner. Which brings us to need a budget quite considerable for this type of materials.
However, the money that is spent on toner and ink cartridges not only involves the use and the obvious decrease in the stock of them, but that also covers those cartridges or toner that have been improperly handled or directly abused, a large part of the budget dedicated to printing.
In this sense, in this article we will find the best tips to prevent such escape in the budget for printing, supplies learning how to treat cartridges and toner properly, which will result in longer life and efficiency thereof.

Extend the life of ink Inkjet and toner cartridges

Before you begin, it is necessary to emphasize in the case of purchased cartridges or toners alternative, it's best to buy them a recognizable brand in the market, not only those offering the lowest price, it is possible to not be necessary quality required in a process as complex as the printing, and can be even up to equipment damage.
Care of cartridges for printers and multifunction inkjet
We must always try not to manipulate the cartridge in suddenly, trying by all means not touch the same electronics or let it fall, nor nor expose to vibrations or rods without.
Another point to keep in mind is to protect the cartridge to direct sunlight or high temperature environments. Therefore, the cartridge must be stored until needed to change which is installed in the printer.
A good idea, is also when the printer is not in use, turn it off and cover with some dark plastic cover. This will prevent circuits of the printer and cartridges to suffer due to constant fluctuations in power and at the same time keep you away from light and adverse conditions of humidity or temperature.
If you have noticed that one of the cartridges quality diminishes, the best thing to do is to clean it with the tools provided with the printer.If still does not improve printing quality, we must change it immediately and never wait until fully, since they can damage the printer.
In this sense, should be a good maintenance so that ink is not dry on the inside of the cartridge, and avoid any problems. To do this, Printers provide cartridges cleaning a tool software, and in some models also for hardware, i.e. through buttons on panel of device, which enables us to clean and align the cartridges. This maintenance should be done about three times a week or period listed in the manual of operation of the device.
We must also be special attention when we carry out the replacement of a cartridge, making sure that inside of the head, i.e. where is the ink cartridge, the contacts are clean and free of dust and dry ink since this could short-circuit the contacts of the cartridge and burn it.

Care with toner cartridge

A laser printer toner is a rather delicate element, and must therefore be handled with care and delicacy. Is why we should avoid to keep to the conditions of moisture toner cartridge and temperature that could cause damage.
Another consideration to keep in mind is to never throw paper when this is jammed inside the printer, since both the cartridge and the printer motor could be damaged. If you lock a role, it is best to remove the toner cartridge and remove the jammed paper.
If for any reason we need to remove the drum or cylinder of the printer, always avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.To avoid problems, once removed, the cylinder should be stored in a dark place, such as the inside of a bag or box.
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