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What is the ballroom?

The ballroom dance (or ballroom dancing) is a set dance in pairs that are carried out in a coordinated manner and to the rhythm of popular selected music socially and competitively all over the world. Due to its attractive execution, the ballroom has become very popular to occupy, films and television programs. The ballroom term derived from the word ball, which originates from the Latin word ballare which means "to dance". Although the dances presented in this sport has its roots in Latin America, Spain and United States, it was in England where developed level ballroom. Therefore, the original dances of each country differ to the ballroom, since in England they catalogued them and coreografiaron them, determining the steps and movements that are evaluated.

It even makes some time ago, the ballroom term referred to any form of dance practiced by way of recreation. Today, the use of the term is specialized to emerging dance sport, referring to the standard dances and Latin American dances. Standard dances include the Quickstep, the Foxtrot, the Tango, the waltz English and the Viennese Waltz. The Latin-American dances include the Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, the Paso Doble and Jive. The standard are characterized by dancing more glued and way more stretched. Latin Americans, however, are more loose.

The ballroom is always danced as a couple and can be at the level of competition or simply as recreation at the social level. In the latter case, it may also include dances like bachata, conga, bolero, cumbia, schottische, hustle, mambo, danzon, merengue, milonga, pericón, Polka, rock and roll, line and Cuban salsa, sevillana, ska, cubanoy swing are. These dances are only practiced in order to enjoy and share with friends or with your partner. The sports are designed to compete, winning tournaments, shows, etc.

A sporting ballroom dancer is dedicated to the activity. Their training is intense, and can reach 5 or more days a week. You must you have excellent physical shape and dominate the established techniques of competition in each dance. While in social ballroom, the age to practice it doesn't matter, in the competition we recommend to start no more than 17 years. In countries with major tradition of ballroom as Europeans, people start at an early age to train. There are even children age 10 or less.
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