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What is the Bible?

This, which in Greek means "library", refers to the collection of sacred writings of Judaism and Christianity, while the latter refers to his writings sacred as the Torah, which we will cover in another article. The word of God, Holy Scriptures or the Holy Bible terms are also used to refer to these writings.

In terms of the history of the Bible, it can be said that this was written by approximately 1000 years, between 900 BC and 100 ad, although there is no clear agreement on dates. The oldest fragments of this collection of writings dating from the 10th centuries to VIII BC. The Christian Bible that we know today was compiled in the Council of Hippo (the Councils consist of assemblies of religious authorities to decide on matters in particular), for the year in 393 ad, and it was ratified in the year 397, for the Council of Carthage. Later, in 1546, was confirmed again by the Council of Trent. An important concept, decided in these councils, is the "canon", which refers to the set of writings as inspired by God to form the Bible. The books not considered canonical, referred to as Apocrypha.

The Christian Bible consists of writings belonging to the old testament, Tanakh or Jewish Bible, which treats among other things about the history of the Hebrews, and in addition to the New Testament, containing the four Gospels, the acts of the Apostles, Paul's letters to the early Christian churches, and the Apocalypse.

Christian theology is generally agree on a number of points with regard to the basic message of the Bible. The man ignored the will of God and began to sin. Because of this Sin humanity not can interact directly with God and to help the creator reveals himself to man in ways that it can understand. God calls Abraham to save humanity, and for this purpose delivered table of the law to Moses. As a resultant nation, Israel, went through cycles of sin and repentance, until finally Jesus provided a perfect understanding of the law, based on love. By his death and subsequent resurrection, all believers are saved and reconciled to God.

The central message of the Bible is present in the heart of all great religions, and calls upon human beings to develop their relationship with God and also his ability to love towards the neighbor. Message that comes to us of great help.
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