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What is Braille?

The Braille is the system used by blind people to read. This, a system of writing, works through characters in relief to allow read using the fingers of the hand.

Each of these characters or cells, containing six positions of points, positioned at rectangles, which are in two columns of three dots each. Each of these points, may be lifted (give them relief), so that the finger, the blind person can feel this bump. When there is no relief, it means that there is a space.

The first column contains numbers from 1 to 3. And the second, which is positioned on the right contains the numbers from 4 to 6. For to develop the lyrics, there are various combinations of relief, with the different existing points.

Regarding the history of braille, this was created originally, by request of the Emperor Napole├│n Bonaparte, create a silent communication system for soldiers, which could read without light. It was named the night reading.

But this system of reading, proved too complex, so the soldiers could quickly read the different notes. Apart from the complex which was the very fact of learning to read under this system. So, as the military academies, rejected the project.

In the mid-19th century, in the year of 1821, was given to light, to the creation of Louis Braille, who to have been blind in his childhood, had managed to create a system for fast and easy to learn, reading for people who are blind. This person worked at the National Institute of blindness in Paris. His idea was generated from systems developed earlier by the military. So, as he realized that the old system failed, since the signs were very large, in order to determine the distribution of the relief immediately using your finger, without having to move it. Which made it extremely slow. Its creation and great contribution was to develop the cells or Braille system, i.e. the six points, which are form letters, by means of the reliefs of the same.

So, as the Braille system, can be considered as the first binary encoding, of the world. This system, can also be used for purposes of reading music and even mathematical.

Used to write Braille, forms are that we will describe below. This manual, using along with a punch, to form combinations. They are typewriters from this system (it should not be forgotten, that conventional typewriters are born by request of a count, a machine so wrote his daughter who was blind). There are also braille printers, which can be connected to a computer. The latter is the modern and rapid solution to the issue.

With respect to the type of braille characters, these reach occupy much more space than the conventional print. So, as in a typical page of braille, which can reach 28 inches, by other 28, only gets to have space for 25 lines, 40 characters each.
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