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In some places call them "Fables" to the cartoon by the fact that many animals are speaking (as in Greek and modern Fables), "cartoons", "dolls" and "cartons" or "cartunes" (from the term "cartoon"). It's a technique of animation, i.e. giving the sensation that something is alive. The animation is based on a physical and chemical phenomenon that runs at the bottom of the eye, affects light to cells called foto-receptoras which have a series of substances sensitive to light, the light signal is turned into a nerve signal.

To make it happen the light must hit a few fractions of a second otherwise the signal is not effective and this is the secret, if something is "moving" faster see it blurry, as the rays of the rings a bicycle wheel which in turn quickly gives us the feeling that they are not and we can see from one side to another. Cartoon technique takes advantage of this by drawing the same figure in successive pictures but with small differences that give the impression of movement.

In the film the quality standard is projecting 24 frames per second single, in pairs of the same image (the image is projected in fact 12 times per second) even though it can also be in triple (eight times the same image). By in over 24 times it looks fuzzy and below 7 times not noticed the movement. Initially the figures moving drawing with their funds, but someone came that the figures could draw transparent foil which is placed on the funds, which saved work. Then certain funds back and this were placed to be photographed was the sensation of depth. The techniques are varied but are based on these.

At the beginning of the 20th century a child, whose name was Walter, spent afternoons stalking an OWL that alighting on a tree branch. The boy loved nature and wanted to take the animal to her younger sister Ruth and her mother. One afternoon, almost getting, were encouraged and caught the animal by the leg, you can imagine how the brawl that armed him and after a few seconds the animal lay dead on the ground. The child that was virtually unscathed, rushed to his room and mourned the death of such a beautiful animal. Then he took a sheet of paper and drew the OWL, in a gesture of preserving even if it was just his image and thus began his love of drawing.

His full name was Walter Elias Disney or Walt Disney as they called it family and friends, famous in what respect to cartoons, creator of characters like "Mickey Mouse". It is also the father of the modern animation and perhaps one of the men that has left one of the most beautiful the human mind legacies has been able to give to children. It is said that many years later, at a party, he told the story and is mentioned in one of the documentaries about nature that both liked to tell (the first made is the world and that they earned him many awards).
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