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What are the Christmas carols?

One large gears without a doubt Christmas music, are the carols, which are already part of the popular culture from across the West. In general, traditional works of the genre are arrays to be sung by a choir or group, and their melodies with medieval reminiscences give them a characteristic air ceremonial and magical.

In terms of the history of Christmas carols, in its early days these referred to the life of a town or village. Since through these, the villagers recalled important events for the region. So, as carols, were known in the beginning, as "songs of villas". Elsewhere the reminiscences of the carols come dice by songs and folk dances do not necessarily linked to Christmas.

Arriving in the middle ages, the influence of the Church in life and folk customs made these songs and folk dances, gradually, a representation of Christmas. In this way in countries such as France and Germany started to popularize these works on the occasion of religious festivals in question. In fact, older carols that are known date back to medieval times. Later, due in part to the religious reform and the extremism of the time, those songs tended to be banned and disappear as traditions in the big cities, but these works continued as part of traditions in the villages small and away from the tumult.

The revival of the Christmas carols that we know today, will yield in the century XIX, in the hands of composers such as Arthur Sullivan. Currently, these are popular, and there are choral groups dedicated solely to interpret this musical form. At the time of Christmas, are often organize ceremonies that combine traditional carols with classical works composed for the time by masters of the calibre of j.s. Bach and Handel.

Among composers of melodies and affordable Christmas carols lyrics John Wade, with "Adeste Fideles", Michael Smith with "Gloria", an adaptation of the traditional "Les Anges dans us Campagnes", and Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne among many others. One of the most famous Christmas carols is "Joy to the world", whose music was composed pair Lowell Mason and the lyrics by Isaac Watss, a well-known composer of hymns of the time, at the beginning of the 18th century. This last Carol, was even sung and recorded by the well known popular singer Mariah Carey.
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