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What is the Dance?

Dance music is a type of electronic music produced primarily for use in nightclubs or in specialized environments accompanied by electronic music dance-oriented (the same English word "dance", want to literally means in Spanish "dance" or "dancing".) Therefore, it is one of the most popular around the world rhythms. It is characterized by its synthetic sound, as well as its catchy lyrics and marked and repetitive rhythms that allow and invite an attractive form of dance. This music is well known for being played regularly by the DJ or disc jockey.

Dance music includes a variety of musical styles that derived from the disco music of the 1970s, in addition to the music that popularized the German band Fraftwerk. It was a style that became immensely popular in the clubs in the 1980s and in the 1990s, was already considered its role in society in social, cultural and historical academic studies. Until today, it retains a significant place among the most popular styles of music.

Dance music has undergone many changes since its inception, and along with them, several names by which it has identified, according to the influence of the genre of the music dance in question. It is as well as in the Decade of 1980, the name of ClubHouse, a style-savvy rang house with lots of piano chords; highlights "Pump up the Jam" technotronic. In the early 1990s, appeared the Eurodance, with short and dry chords and an increase in beats per minute. highlights 2 Unlimited 'No Limits'. At the same time, another type of Eurodance rang, which was characterized by its melody and cheerful intonation; highlights "The Sing" of Ace Of Base.

In the last years of the 1990s, the Pizzicato appeared with styles like the Dream and Trance influence and was characterized by the most instrumentals to vocals; failed hits. At the end of the Decade and the Millennium, reappeared the Eurodance with catchy lyrics and fewer beats per minute; They include Aqua, Vengaboys, and Kylie Minogue, who achieved great popularity. Since 2002 until today, dance music is still popular, although not at a level as massive, because most popular Reggaeton and Hip Hop rhythms. Therefore, currently, dance music focuses again on discotheques and night clubs, as an important tool for DJs. It should be noted that dance music is used with success in the work of such artists as Madonna and The Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack. Other prominent artists who have used elements of the genre are Radiohead, Stereolab, Komeda, Hot Chip and Nite Club, among many others.
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