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What is Divine Providence?

It is a figurative way of speaking of God, sometimes only says "The Providence" and is capitalized. The word Providence comes from the same Latin word that originates the term "provide" that we could translate as prevent or anticipate, then acquire the sense that it prevents what is going to happen.

I suppose that by the fact that God is the only one that can anticipate events is that reference is made to this. In legal terms the "Providence of the case" refers to the simple actions that a person has to do to abide by to comply with a court ruling and in lacking steps solemn, how to make letters, requests, perform the copy of a document and things like that, always in the sense that one should anticipate this type of proceedings.

Within Christian theology the term Divine Providence refers to God's sovereign power over creation and especially available in help to the humanity. I remember very well my grandparents and my paternal grandmother, my maternal grandmother died in childbirth from the youngest of my aunts and I only know it by what I have told people who knew her. My paternal grandfather was quite high (for a 7-year-old boy was huge) and Constitution rather thin, but the times that raised my hands felt like wood (I guess due to the callous and forts that were).

It was very impressive to know that that fell with a heart attack while cutting brush in a lot of one of my uncles, died three days later in the hospital in the arms of my uncle Eduardo, my grandmother also died in his arms (ten years after) and would be the first of my uncles who would follow after them. My uncle Eduardo very seriously counted as my grandfather suddenly opened his eyes and said "That those take care of Divine Providence and the Virgin I." He closed his eyes and stopped breathing.

He was very devoted to the mystery of the "Holy Trinity", often called "Divine Providence" and in Costa Rica we say "Virgin" to the "Queen of the Ángeles" which is the national Patron Saint. The faith and devotion of my grandfather see it in all of my uncles, and the always worried first about their kids than himself. I guess that you saw in "Divine Providence" protective hand for your family in the future. I want to believe that it has always been thus.
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