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What is a Documentary?

A documentary is a term used in the field of audiovisual productions and it's a record of scientific, educational, informative or historical, content that is not dramatize the reported facts.

There are several types of documentary, including literary documentary, which includes all those literary works, both the fiction as not, because they belong to a particular context of the story can be considered as historical documents of that period. It's those works that include whether documentary elements such as trials, biographies, journalistic books, memoirs and travel books. On the other hand, novels that narrate and capture certain historical facts is achieved can also be included.

Secondly, another type of documentary is the photographic documentary. Since the appearance of the Daguerreotype, is considered photography a form gives priority to capture reality. The importance of this visual medium and the desire to incessant capture reality has promoted, since the mid-19th century a movement that gets elements of photojournalism, landscape photography and the ethnographic to achieve an early documentary photography, which has been found in constant development.

On the other hand, documentary film and television, is characterized by not having much control over the images displayed, or the existence of a default argument. In this way, it is show realities of the more objective way that is possible, even when necessary the use of narration, music and certain effects to be able to tell the facts showing the images. Within this branch of documentaries, there are two types: one in which those who capture the images have a role of participatory, being witnesses and protagonists of the captured, another type, in which only captures the reality does not appear between the cameras.
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