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What are the Greek gods?

In antiquity, the mythology ruled the way of thinking of human beings. It was the way we had to explain everything that we not managed to understand fully. So, as we were creating the gods of antiquity. Since virtually every one of them, was created to explain some physical phenomenon of nature.

So, as the Greeks were creating their own gods. As the understanding of the world that surrounded them, it was very limited. Therefore, they needed to create gods, which gave a sense to his reality.

The Greek gods were 12. Being Zeus, the most important, since it was the God of gods. The father of all the gods. King of Olympus, mountain where they lived and rested the Greek gods. He was the God of lightning and administered justice. It was God more humanized by the Greeks. Since I had many human failings. It was very amorous. She had many lovers between the goddesses and mortal women.

Likewise, it was Poseidon, brother of Zeus. God of the sea. His fury was uncontainable.

Another God was Hermes, the Messenger God. He was the guide of all travelers. It was that carried the news to every corner of Greece. He was the son of Zeus. It was also the economic guard and safeguarding of monetary dealings.

The legitimate wife of Zeus is Hera. This was considered to be a woman highly despotic and Moody. It was the so-called protective of marriages. It was also a very jealous woman of her husband Zeus.

Another of the Greek gods, was Hephaestus. Son of Hera and consented to his mother. He lived to criticize his father and defended his mother. Once you Goldsmith of Olympus. Creator of the armours of the Greek heroes. Similarly, he was the God of fire.

We also have to Dionysus, the God of the vine, the celebrations of excess. Similarly, we have to Hades or the God of death. His Kingdom is the Erebos, then touch Zeus heaven and Poseidon the seas. His deity, is also linked to the economic wealth.

Athena, Goddess of intelligence, which was born from the head of Zeus is. It is also the protector of cities and politics. The city of Athena, Athens and his house is the Parthenon.

On the other hand, we have to Artemis, sister of Apollo. She likes to hunt in the forests. She is the goddess of virginity, which does not like men. No one could see her naked, if so, the punishment was death.

Aphrodite is the goddess of love. It represents all fruitful, both in nature and the animal Kingdom. His son is Cupid as Eros, who was falling everywhere, men and women.

On the other hand, between the Greek gods are Apolo, brother of Artemis. God of divination. God of the arts and medicine.

Finally, we have to Ares. He is the God of war free. As the fight regardless of whether the opponent is a friend or not. Therefore, he didn't get well with Athena, the goddess of the just war. He was never honored in Greece, since his deity was equal to death and pain. Ares, ended up conquering to Aphrodite.

These are the Greek gods, which in some way are also different features of us human beings. And it is that the Greeks created gods in his likeness. With same faults. To make them closer.
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