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What about orchestras?

For the Royal Academy of language, the word orchestras, derived as a plural of the word Orchestra, which means: Group of musicians who perform music works with various instruments.

Therefore, we can understand, the orchestras are a musical ensemble, formed by different people, all of which play different musical instruments. Therefore, the orchestras, aims to interpret melodies and musical works.

With respect to the orchestras, in its classic sense, these there are of two types. They are those large orchestras, which are the Symphonic. Also, you can call les Philharmonic, since this word serves as a synonym for the first. Now, if orchestras are smaller, are called chamber orchestras, such as the famous quartets (ej:2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello).

On the other hand, we have other orchestras, which are popular orchestras. We have within them, which play music jazz (for example those of big band type), the popular interpretation, Caribbean Court as those who play salsa and similar rhythms, among many others. The only thing they need to be considered as orchestras, is its number of members, other than very small. Since if so, they could only be considered as not orchestras and musical groups.

Orchestras, or rather, its name comes from the Greek. Since around the 5th century a.d., in the Greek cities, is riding shows outdoors, to entertain the population. Therefore, these spectacles were very famous and recurring, especially in the months of spring and summer, since that favored climate, the shows were in the open air.

As well, in these shows involved actors, singers and musicians. All of which made their speeches in front of the stage of citizenship. And that space, where performers or rather its stage were, Orchestra is called him.

But with the passing of the centuries, orchestras or entertainment scenarios, were mutating its meaning, to which we understand it today, as orchestras. Or group of musicians, who play a melody.

That Yes, the orchestras that we know today were born gradually, from the 18th century. Because before that century, what was meant by orchestras, were a group of musicians very dissimilar and without a real organization or test prior to each of its functions. Therefore, the end result, was not always of a high quality.

Among the instruments most commonly used in orchestras, we can highlight to the violins, violas, double basses and cellos. Also to flutes, oboe and Horn, trombones, timpani and drums, among many others.
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