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What about the Oscars?

One of the awards listed and anticipated by lovers of the seventh art, is the Oscars. Which represent, to the best productions that have been projected for the year.

The Academy Awards or the Academy Awards, are a symbol of North America, by rewarding the efforts of so many people contributing to the film industry in the United States.

The Oscar Awards ceremony, is carried out by the Academy of Arts and cinematographic Sciences in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, which was integrated by the finest producers, actors, screenwriters, directors and other characters who swarmed through the outskirts of Holywood.

Currently, there are thousands who make up the Academy. Which has not stopped living manea constant, in the eye of the hurricane. Since many times, has been criticized him, which only reward as the best North American productions, rather than art, they are big productions, which seek only to benefit from the accomplished. Thus, art as such, many times, according to his critics, has been more absent in the choice of films. In addition is the fact, that to foreign films, are given very little credit, being that many of them are much better artistic quality than American productions, which are the majority of the awards. Apart from various racist accusations, due to the continuous postponement of actors of color on the big prizes.

As such, Oscar Awards began in 1929. The statuette, which is so famous all over the world, was designed by the set designer Cedric Gibbo, who worked for the Metro Golden Mayer, in those years. The statuette represents a man standing, waiting, which holds a sword. This man is standing, on a roll of film. Which has five-spoke. Each one of these radios, represents the original groups of the Academy, or the actors, producers, directors, screenwriters and technicians.

The name of Oscar, was coined by the American actress, Margaret Herrick, who in a moment of relaxation, mentioned the man figurine, resembled her uncle Oscar.

Since its inception, the award-winning films, were those that were exhibited in the city of Los Angeles. That it were screened within 1 August and 31 July of the previous year. But then, in 1933, it was decided to extend the date of release of the films. Running from January 1 until December 31 of the year preceding the awards ceremony Oscar.

As for the vote on each of the categories, this is carried out by the members of the Academy. Of course, that you for each category, those who vote, are only those members, who practice that specialty. Or in the category of actors, only vote the members of the Academy players. Also, it happens with the rest of the categories. This vote, leaving only five nominees. Of which will choose a single winner. This will be chosen, by means of all the members of the Academy, without exclusion. Of course, that this vote is secret and there are organizations that certify, the secrecy of the final vote.

The most anticipated Oscar Awards, are best film, Director, Actor and actress.
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