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What is the Paso doble?

The Paso doble is a Spanish typical dance like a March. It also corresponds to a popular dance of couples. Their music is well recognized globally by being commonly played at the entrances of the toreros in bullfighting. The dance is included in the ballroom dance, within the five dances of the category Latin-American dances.

Paso doble may refer to a March light Spain, which adopted that name for military parades and bullfights. In 1920, the music became popular and together with it, the dance. It originated in France in the 13th century (in fact, its name comes from military marches called "pas redouble". From there it spread to other European countries, but in Spain it is modeled from the sound, drama and the movements of the bull runs. It became a Spanish tradition and in the Decade of 1920, found public acceptance and became a typical dance of the country.

In the Decade of 1940, the Paso doble was already crowded in Spain and was established that this was a rather sober and elegant, dance with the woman and the man always United. The dance they used to dance at events and parties, and today, it is still possible to see many of the oldest demonstrate their abilities to the original style of the Paso Doble.

As mentioned, there are two styles of Paso Doble. One of them, the traditional, is based on the music of bullfighting Bull, which is played when the Bullfighter (the ride) or in the slaughter, just before killing the Bull. The Bullfighter is the protagonist and take on the role of the matador.

Paso doble also corresponds to the dance included in the competencies of ballroom, Latin American category. It is danced with the man and the woman face to face, with the bodies together and slightly displaced to the left. Step owns 4 times and runs with a step of displacement and three steps on the site. Women perform light movements with the hips. The dancers are very right and man indicates movements in an abrupt manner. You can see several spins and a large displacement by any dance floor. As dato, I tell you that this dance is done by simulating a bullfight, where man is the matador and women, coat, flags or the Bull.
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