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What is the Qur'an?

This etymologically comes from "reciting", what we will see it is not far from its true meaning. The Qur'an, comprising 114 chapters or "you Azores" and a total of 6236 verses or "verses", is the central sacred text of Islam. The belief of the Muslims is that this text corresponds to the words literally revealed by God to Muhammad over a period of 23 years. For this reason also the "noble Quran", the "last testament", and "The book of God" is called.

History of the Qur'an according to the tradition begins with the oral transmission of Muhammad to his followers from what was revealed to him directly by God, through the Archangel Gabriel. For these reasons it is said no one believe or invented the Quran that is a direct transcription of the divinity, so special emphasis is given to conservation in the format and language. The translations are accepted by their usefulness to spread the message and as support, but only is considered as "Quran" to the version in its original language, classical Arabic.

The correct interpretation of the Quran has played such an important role in the interpretation of the sacred texts of other traditions. This is why there are comments or "tafsir" to clarify and explain their passages. The first of these comments relate the history of Islam, and there are commentators who are regarded as classics, whose work is considered classical interpretation. Some of these characters are Al-Tirmidhi, al-Tabari and az-Zamakhshari. In addition, to interpret Scripture is made using the collection of traditions or "hadith", which are based on Islamic laws.

The Quran traditionally has been transmitted orally, with the text in its original language always support. The recitation of this is so important that even there are different schools to recite it, which is considered as an art. Considered that it cannot exist only as a text, and a Muslim should memorize at least some chapters of the same, usually starting with the first one, "al - Fatiha". The person able to recite this text in its entirety is called "qari" or "hafiz", words which respectively mean reciter or guard and Muhammad course is considered the first "hafiz".
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