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What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a Muslim tradition which must held all the years during the ninth month of the lunar calendar. This is the period in which Muslims made a series of sacrifices in honor of Allah. Both men and women should be fast and stop having sex out of the Sun to sunset. They must also stop smoking and perfume themselves.

Muslims are no longer perform these activities because God has so ordained it. Thus, they can develop the will through the struggle against thirst, hunger and sexual needs, demonstrating loyalty to God and trying to become better people, with a greater moral.

The fast turns out to be a crucial part of the Ramadan, and should begin to be met upon reaching puberty. The only ones who are allowed to do it are children, pregnant women, the sick and the travellers. Once it has hidden the Sun is usual to drink juices or water, which are accompanied by dates, however, after the sunset prayer, it is possible to eat a full meal. Later, after a rest, Muslims should go to mosque for the special night prayer.

During the fasting period, Muslims must continue their daily activities in a completely normal way, however, there are some places where it has been decided to adapt working time shortening it two hours.

Towards the last day of fasting, Muslims take a bath early in the morning and eat some food. Then, they perfume and elegantly dressed to go to the place of the Congregation of the end of fasting. They go to that place repeating ceaselessly, "God is great, there is no more God God and only God deserves all praise".

Fasting is not only performed, but many Muslims made pilgrimages and retreats in which the ultimate goal is the praise to his God. Those who made withdrawals spend the day reciting the Quran with fervor, extraordinary prayers praying, studying the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad and repeating phrases of glory and praise to God.

During the whole month lasting Ramadan Muslims receive many blessings if they fulfill all the commandments of God. The poorest and neediest receive much help in clothing, food and money for part their community. It takes place during this time flowing among Muslims a special energy that makes them more generous and friendly people.
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