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What is a Religious Mission?

A religious mission is a settlement in which the missionaries of the Catholic Church were established in colonies to publicize their faith, and all aspects of the religion to the natives of that territory. They were typically installed in areas little affordable or inhospitable, for example in the settlement of missions such as Baja California and South America.

The establishment of missions is not a reality at present; his work ended, specifically in South America with the expulsion of the Jesuits, the principal promoters of the faith in that area. Those who continued with his work were the priests of the Franciscan congregation, however, were to evangelize and to establish missions in the areas of Baja California and Baja California Sur, to then continue taking their messages to more northern sectors of Alta California, which today constitutes the State of California in the United States.

South America countries receiving more influence were Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and also Brazil. While in the area of North America, as well as all corresponding to the current state of California, the Mission continued to the sector of San Francisco, as well as also all border areas, ranging from the current American State of Arizona to Florida.

The missions who settled in different parts of America left their mark with spectacular buildings, leaving an important architectural and cultural contribution that dates back to the years between 1609 and 1768. Only in Argentina, about 80 missions were built, however, can be found, at present, a set of 30 spectacular buildings between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Today, the missions built along the continent form a major tourist attraction for visitors from those countries, including the missions built in the area of California. Such is its cultural contribution, that two of the missions built in Paraguay have been declared Universal heritage of humanity.
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