Naturally slim with Chitosan

Developed clinical studies are numerous to prove the efficacy of chitosan in weight loss and also to test other beneficial effects in the body.

One of the best known, was published in the International Journal of Obesity and studies the effect of chitosan on the reduction of the fat storage in mice fed a diet high in fat.

In this study, it was confirmed that chitosan increased fat excretion in feces of mice fed a high fat content diet for three days. In long-term (nine weeks) experiment, the chitosan significantly reduced both body weight and the weight of the fat tissue of mice at doses of 30 (3%), 70 (7%) and 150 15%) g of chitosan per kilo of food, although they found no differences in energy between the experimental groups (except the Group fed laboratory feed).
This indicates that chitosan prevents the increase of body weight induced by the diet of high fat content influence on the absorption of food.

That is Chitosan?

Chitosan is a product derived from the chitin, a natural polymer extracted from marine crustaceans cuticles. It is the second most abundant natural polymer after cellulose. It is biodegradable and has no side effects, which makes it a product with numerous applications in the field of medicine, biochemistry, cosmetics and nutrition.

Being a fibre of marine origin that is not absorbed or digested, to reach the stomach and found in an acid medium, catch lipids here present to be eliminated later in excretion. Part of the fat ingested in the diet, to be captured by chitosan becomes non-absorbable and therefore zero caloric value. Chitosan can capture up to 5 times its own weight in fat, and by inhibiting the absorption of 15-20% of fat ingested through food.

Chemical nature of Chitosan

The chitin is the second most abundant natural polymer after cellulose. Chitosan is a natural aminopolisacarido obtained by the N-desacetilacion of the chitin.

It is insoluble in water, basic means and most organic solvents. However, it is soluble in aqueous solutions of organic and inorganic acids resulting in solutions of different viscosities. This property distinguishes it from its product, chitin, which stands out as insoluble and chemically inert.

Within their biological properties, notably its biocompatibility - it is a natural polymer, non-toxic and biodegradable - and their bioactivity make it a product suitable for various biochemical, biomedical applications, and also in the field of nutrition and cosmetics. Thus, for example in Japan, you can find from on antibiotics in surgical, through food products, dietary supplements and cosmetic sutures.

In recent times he has won great fame for its interesting as an adjunct activity in weight control diets.

Is your diet not balanced?

Sometimes, our pace of life does not allow us a diet healthy and balanced, free of excess fat. Every time we are more forced to make meals away from home, what prevents us from proper control of our food.
As its mission is to absorb fats from food, can be of great help to reduce the caloric intake from our menu that days when we exceed.

Chitosan prevents fat absorption extra, it acts like a sponge, forming an aggregate indigestible, which is then evacuated by natural means, or passes intact by the body, while joining the body, then still necessary, this use fats in reserve.
It is an ideal complement as adjuvant in the treatment of obesity and overweight, due to its ability to bind fat in food. Taken along with meals slows down the absorption of fat, without side effects as being a natural fiber, does not create any kind of dependence.

It is also useful to regulate the level of LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and increase HDL ("good"), as well as in the balance of the intestinal flora because it stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria. Also help the body to remove heavy metals and toxic from feed.

If I do diet, because the pace of life that I have not allows me to eat at home and check my daily menu, because with more reason not to forget take Chitosan can.

When and how should I take Chitosan?

The chitin has the capacity to catch the fat in a medium acid, like that of our stomach during digestion, therefore it is ideal take Chitosan capsules an hour before each meal, what makes no sense is to take Chitosan much time before meals or, conversely, much later, since food either are already passing through the intestine, or there is not a suitable means in the stomach so that the chitin is activated (medium acid).

Recommendation: Do not use in case of pregnancy, lactation, or in children and in people allergic to shellfish and seafood.

As we see, Chitosan can be helpful both for those who carry a weight control diet, as for those difficult to dieting but want to control their weight and body fat.

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