Piloxing: Pilates and boxing in a single exercise


The world of fitness moves to leaps and bounds in the search for the most comprehensive sport and, at the same time, more entertaining, to stay or get fit. Perhaps still we have not found the total sport, but already we are close thanks to activities like the piloxing, one of the current trends.
Many gyms offer aerobox, a mix of aerobics and boxing and, little by little, the offer is extended with another type of activities more innovative, as piloxing, which is nothing more than a combination of Pilates and boxing, in a program that takes the best of each one of them to get an exercise that, as well as beneficial to healthIt is very active and fun. The best of this practice is that it allows to mix aerobics with others which seeks to promote and work flexibility, individual muscles or body self-knowledge.
One of the main attractions of the piloxing is a mixture of cardiovascular activity with Pilates. Its rapid spread has been achieved by this combination of fluency and accuracy provided by the Pilates with speed and dynamism provided by beating in the boxing.
The piloxing was invented by the Swedish Viveca Jensen in Beverly Hills, United States. After being forced to retire from the ballet due to injury, he devoted himself to become instructor in various sports, focusing especially on Boxing and Pilates. After receiving several requests so prepare a program that is added to the Pilates a larger component of physical activity that help lose weight, Jensen devised the piloxing, with the aim of working various parts of the body such as the abdomen, legs and buttocks, without even realizing, and with a similar intensity.
One of the main advantages offered by the piloxing is that once they are well known exercise and the management of his technique can be practiced without problems at home, and the necessary equipment to do so - a few special gloves and a mat - is readily available.

For whom the piloxing is indicated

The practice of the piloxing is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their physical capacity while improving your body image. Fitness starting, is not important since it can regulate the intensity and duration of exercise routines.
It presents itself as an ideal activity for those who want to burn plenty of calories and, in turn, work on toning and muscle definition, as well as flexibility and coordination.
People who suffer stress or anxiety, whether for labour reasons as personal, also find the piloxing an ideal sport, as well as all those who are looking for an activity that will motivate them to engage the regular practice of physical activity. A good monitor that motivate the group, fun music, and the continuous discharge of endorphins makes this sport to win followers every day.

Benefits and contraindications of the piloxing

Piloxing has numerous benefits for health, both physical and mental; so it is highly advisable to practice it. And is that if unite the advantages provided by the Pilates with boxing, will discover that the mixture of both activities is a source of health. The more positive aspects of the piloxing are:
Help lose weight. It is mainly aerobic activity, one of its main benefits is the burn calories and, therefore, body shaping. It is a perfect activity to lose weight or to maintain ideal weight, although it is quite demanding and perhaps, at the beginning, can not follow the instructions of the monitor or, at least, not at the same pace as other more experienced peers.
It contributes to tone up the muscles, with the consequent improvement of different muscle groups, especially the buttocks and abdomen, although it also works the joints.
Strengthens the body, by which prevents muscular or skeletal pain. The work being done in this sport prepares you to perform daily activities, reducing the risk of any type of injury, since the body has exercised to prevent it.
Improving the endurance, which will allow you to gradually increase the time and intensity that you dedicate to sport, both activities of daily living.
Power flexibility, both joint as in the trunk, thanks to the part of the Pilates; While boxing helps to improve circulation to increase heart rate and thereby favour the circulation of oxygen by the body.
The piloxing is also a reinforcement in the body control. This implies a greater balance, because we stabilise the trunk, and also prevents back problems stemming from the postures.
The psychological aspect is also of vital importance in the practice of the piloxing. Control of the body requires, respiratory control, a job and turn that will help us to combat stress; In addition, the most aerobic part of this exercise contributes to the release of endorphins, which help us to feel better.

Contraindications of the piloxing

Despite its numerous benefits, piloxing also have contraindications you must keep in mind before you begin to practice it, because it could be harmful to your health if you do not have appropriate conditions.
It is not an activity designed for the recovery of muscular or skeletal injuries, so you must make sure not to suffer any or you have fully recovered from them. In the piloxing working with the body, mixing the postural control of the Pilates with the realization of rapid and intense movements of boxing, so the practice of this sport can aggravate a prior injury.
The piloxing is an exercise with a strong cardiovascular and, although it is possible to regulate its intensity, in the event that you suffer heart disease, you should always consult your physician, who will assess your general condition and decide, perhaps with the help of a stress test, if you are suitable for the piloxing and at what level of intensity you can practice it.
Although a contact sport, cannot be considered since the own boxing punches are made air, it is better that people carrying a pacemaker seek another type of physical activity.

Tips for practicing piloxing

If you want to practice piloxing safely we offer you a few tips that will help you to avoid problems and allow you to do it properly:
Before and after you start piloxing exercise routine you should stretch the muscles. In this way, you can warm up the muscles at the beginning and defuse them at the end, which will help prevent injury. Depending on the intensity that you want to make this exercise, logically the intensity of warming will vary proportionally.
Global warming is as important as nutrition or hydration. Don't be piloxing just finish eating, but do not practise it in fasting to avoid fainting or hypoglycemia. Also, pay attention to hydration and rehydration before, during, and after exercise and, if necessary, fill it with isotonic gel or drinks.
If you have the intention of doing a long piloxing session you must gradually increase your physical demand to reach the zenith at the end, which reduce the intensity so that it the body gradually recovers its normal state. It is harmful to that very sudden in the intensity of the workout changes, occur because the body is not prepared.
It is important to do all the exercises with both ends to prevent that a part of the body is out of balance. Although it costs you more balance with one of the legs or throw one arm, you must do so also because you have to work the entire body...
It is better to few exercises but complete, a series of many different, but quickly and without paying due attention to each of them.
Once you have learned all the exercises well, may be a bit routine and make you lose a little concentration during its execution; to avoid this, best to vary routines and accompany them music with good rhythm to liven up the table of exercises.
If you prefer to make piloxing at home, and not at the gym, make sure you properly handle technique. If you do wrong exercises it is likely that does not reach the goal you've set for yourself and you can cause yourself muscle injuries.

Piloxing at home to practise

Piloxing is an activity that you can do in your own home, since the necessary material is not very large, and is not difficult to do and store. This option allows you to save on the monthly expenditure of the gym (in many centres is included in the monthly fee, and as an isolated activity prices range from 30 euros), but will miss the fun and social part of the piloxing, as well as supervision, motivation and correction of a professional.
If in spite of this, and once you have learned well the technique to avoid unwanted injury, you are motivated to practice it at home, you should acquire the following material:
  • About specific gloves . Although this mode incorporates boxing, his gloves are not those who need, but which are used in the piloxing weigh nearly half a kilo and its function is to ensure that you work more muscles of arms having to move more weight. Although they are not essential, with them the results will be much faster.
  • A sleeping pad or mat. There are a wide variety of floor exercises that are immensely more comfortable and less harmful to health in a surface slightly padded and prepared to absorb movements. If you do not have one, a rug can replace it.
The range of exercises of the piloxing is very large, so it is difficult to get bored if you're changing the routine. However, it is important to establish a program that encompasses the largest number of muscle groups if you are intend to work the entire body.

Three basic exercises of the piloxing

Then describe Basic ideal to introduce you to the world of the piloxing three exercises :
  • Facing Lance fist forward as if you tried to hit someone and alternate arms as if you were a boxer. At the same time move your legs forward and backwards Alternatively small leaps. If you see you're not capable of coordinating it from the beginning, it starts with the arms, and once you have internalized movement, add the legs.
  • Standing get balance on one leg and pull forward at the same time arms and the leg that is in the air.
  • Sitting on the mat folded legs and lean back far enough until you feel your abdominals are making an effort. In that position he alternately launches arms forward.
These exercises should be performed in three series of between 12 and 15 repetitions each, alternating arms and legs so that both ends work three times. It is also possible to combine exercises to make the activity as a kind of dance, but without forgetting to complete all series.
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