Read babies favors the development of your brain

62,000 pediatricians in the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), just make an official recommendation to parents read aloud to their babies to stimulate their cognitive development.
These experts have highlighted the importance of reading to children since birth and throughout childhood because it fosters, among others, the development of language and the imagination of children, as well as improving your ability to concentrate and strengthen emotional ties between parents and children.
A major study of neuropediatrics who was held for two decades proved that at three years of age the children of families of middle and upper classes had acquired millions of words rather than those who come from humble families, and it was subsequently noted that these differences could already be seen when children were only 18 months old.
Read aloud babies favors the development of language and the imagination of children, improve your concentration ability, and strengthens the emotional ties between parents and children
Specialists attribute this cultural gap at rates of reading at home from the first months of life, which in turn are closely related to the socio-cultural level of the family. Thus, in 2012, the national United States health survey revealed that the percentage of children whose parents read to them all day from the five years is 60% in the case of families with higher incomes, while 30% is only when the family has few economic resources.
Therefore, the pediatricians, who are considered key the first 1,000 days of a child's life to their physical and mental development, recommended to promote reading aloud from early childhood to reduce educational differences later with adolescents and young people depending on their social origin.
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