Sales on the internet: basic tips

It is no longer necessary to have a shop or be an established dealer to get money to objects that you no longer use, or those who want to upgrade. Online sales are for everyone.
Sell products through sites like Ebay or eBay, may be a good chance of getting an extra things you have at home, although being a sector without much control, you need to take precautions.
Today, we want to advise you on How to best sell your products on the Internet and the precautions that you must have.

Sell on the Internet

  • If you are going to sell one or more products through online auction sites, the first thing is to know how much charge. He spends a time to do a review of the competition and in which way your product can be highlighted.
  • A way to make your product stand out against other similar, is Add a gift. If you sell your cell, including the cover, that you are not going to use and well highlights that it is a gift.
  • Use real photos: people will be more confident in purchasing an item that is displayed as it is and not a generic Internet image.
  • Also, indicate that there is an aesthetic detail (if any), makes you see most sincere and reliable. Be as clear as possible always.
  • In your notice, well indicated what type of payment you accept and what is the way of delivery. In addition, it invited actors to do some questions wanting to clear their doubts.

Precautions when selling

  • Do not accept payments by check or use payment systems included in MercadoLibre. The best thing is receive payment in the form of deposit banking or cash.
  • In the event of technological items expensive or fragile, prefers face-to-face delivery. If you decide to make shipments, which are borne by the purchaser and which include a safe from loss and damage. So you avoid bad times. Always keep the receipt in case of disputes.
  • The packaging of fragile products can suppose an expenditure of money. In that case, cobra by packaging.
  • When it comes to delivering in person, meet the person in a neutral location, such as a shopping center, during the day and in an open area. If it is an expensive object, accompanied.
  • First you get the money(count it well), then deliver the product. Leave the buyer to check it to conformity.
Be a good salesman, you it will raise in reputation and so you will be easier to continue to operate in these online trading sites. Remember that your safety is first, and that fraudsters are the order of the day.
Article contributed for educational purposes

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