So much to learn | Anecdotes, parables and organizational reflections

Anecdotes, parables, fables
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I learned that most of the things that worry about never happen.

I learned that every achievement once was considered impossible.

I learned that nothing of value is obtained without effort.

I learned that the expectation is often better than the event itself.

I learned that even when I have pain, I need not be a nuisance.

I learned that you should never go to sleep without resolving a pending discussion.

I learned that we must not look back except to learn.

I learned that when someone says that it is early and not money, usually it's money.

I have learned that we must fight for the things in which we believe.

I learned that people are as happy as they decide to be it.

I learned that the best and fastest way to appreciate other people is to try to do their job.

I learned that the days can be long, but life is short.

I learned that if your life is free of failures, it is because you have not risky enough.

I learned that it is good to be satisfied with what we have, but never with what we are.

I learned that we can win a penny in a dishonest way, but this later cost us a fortune.

I learned that I must earn money before spending it.

I learned that we should appreciate our children for what they are and not what we want to be.

I learned that hatred is like acid: destroys the vessel that contains it.

I learned that planning a revenge only allows people who we wounded to do so any longer.

I learned that people are hurry to achieve a "good life" that often life passes at his side and do not.

I learned to look to the future; that still there are many good books to read, sunsets that see, friends visiting, people who love and old dogs who stroll.

I learned that I still have much to learn.

* Contribution of Ida Bianchi and Vicente López, Rotolatinos, Argentina.
Translated for educational purposes

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