SoulCycle and Psycle, pedal coaching

The SoulCycle - who was born in New York - and the Psycle - devised by the triathlete Tim Weeks - are combinations of cardiovascular exercise and mental training, carried out in an atmosphere designed especially for your practice -dimly lit, energizing musicand charismatic instructors that repeated motivating sentences like a mantra - getting encourage and stimulate people to strive to the maximum. They are training programs similar to spinning or indoor cycling which, like this one, seek to burn fat and tone up the muscles, but with its own peculiarities. Practiced in a group, in 45-minute sessions, and promise a full body work thanks to a high-intensity training combined with low impact exercises on the bike.
They are exercises specifically designed to strengthen the central area of the body, which is known as core - which includes how abdominal, lower back, gluteal muscles...-, while caloriesare spent. In addition, light weights are used to tone the muscles of the upper part of the body and increase the heart rate.
The low light encourages the mind relaxes and clears, the silent initial at the beginning of the class helps you to be aware of your body, and then flows the energy and motivation, which is achieved with the phrases with which instructors - something like a sports coach - encourage students, and musicis key, and that you choose carefully for each session, with the aim that emotionally engage the mind in the exercise, and make the most of the effort, tried to reach the limit, in what is known as 'cardiovascular fiestas' fat-burning.
Finally, in these select club - Hollywood stars are assiduous to their sessions - offer a selection of juices and drinks multivitaminadas and showers for rehidratarte.

Tips for practicing SoulCycle and Psycle

To do SoulCycle or Psycle, it is useful to note that:
Music is key in the SoulCycle and the Psycle, and is carefully chosen for each session, with the aim that the mind be emotionally involved in exercise and effort will make the most
  • As with any fitness program, you should consult first with your doctor your state of health and the type of exercise and the most suitable intensity in your case.
  • It is very important that you stay hydrated, before, during, and after the sessions, so bring a bottle of water with you.
  • Experts recommend that you take a light snack 30 minutes before each class.
  • Check the type of clothes and footwear suitable for this exercise instructors.
  • Although it is an activity that is practiced in a group, is not competing or comparing yields, but that each person works according to their abilities.
  • The music and the instructors set the pace, but you must be aware of your body and exercise according to your possibilities. If you notice any discomfort or unusual symptoms, please do not hesitate to ask for help.
  • For those that the 45-minute session les knows , there is another form of more intense exercise, SoulSurvivor, lasting 60 minutes, and that tone more and burn more fat than the traditional.
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