Stage fright: Tips for public speaking

Stage fright: Tips for public speaking

One of the most universal fears that there is the fear of speaking in public or stage fright. Why there this emotion? For fear of ridicule, for fear of criticism, feeling not to rise to the occasion, insecurity in oneself, lack of self-esteem, or also, fear of not knowing how to respond to the questions from the audience in a presentation, for example.
To speak in public, many people are more aware of their shortcomings than their strengths. The fear of speaking in public has as much to do with the fact that, at the educational level, the students are more accustomed to written tests that oral exams. I.e., the first step to overcome the fear of public speaking is training, to do so, it is essential to find occasions to break this barrier.
The fright is a emotional blockage that causes feeling of vulnerability and much tension not only physical but also emotional. Under the effect of excessive nervousness, the person does not have the same clarity to think that when it is quiet. The fear of public speaking also comes from the feeling of being the center of attention and be observed by many eyes. Exposed to the view of others, may cause fear to not like everyone.
There are situations that input, produce more fear public speaking: a job interview, an oral examination, a theoretical test on an opposition, defense of the doctoral thesis, a Conference, a job with a prestigious professional appointment, a working meeting. In any context, think positive, i.e. constantly gives you yourself this message: "Everything will be fine".

How to train yourself to speak in public

There are no tricks or magic recipes to overcome the fear of public speaking. It is only exceeded through practical training, i.e., it is important to find occasions to speak in front of people, despite the fear. Therefore, back of overcoming this fear there is a personal work and awareness. Where is it possible to speak in public?
  • At certain times, when you go walking down the street, greeting to someone you do not know. In the same way, you can stop you to ask a person where it is a direction that you are looking for.
  • In the celebrations of Christmas, you can say a small speech all at the end of Christmas Eve or new year's Eve dinner. Birthdays or weddings are other good chances to do so.
  • For example, when you go to a conference made a question at the end of the gathering. He raises his hand the first because the interest of the room decreases as the round of questions is too extended. In the same way, to sit in the first rows of the Auditorium, so you will not see if all others are watching you.
  • You can sign up for a personal growth course in which students have to talk about themselves, share life experiences, questions and concerns. The phone of hope, based in different cities of Spain offers courses in this subject. Insurance in your country to find one similar.
  • You can sign up for public speaking courses are offered in the training modules for workers in both prestige and FOREM centres or similar. What is this type of courses? There is a practice test in which the student has to prepare a small talk for five minutes while they recorded it on video. The objective is that then you can see himself and be able to make self-criticism. In addition, you can also learn from the experience of other students.
  • Also be teacher training is practical to overcome shyness, therefore, can volunteer for any entity to teach a subject that you have mastered. As the days pass through the experience, you discover that you have much greater security in yourself.
  • There are two courses that are excellent to overcome shyness and shame: you can sign up for a course of laughter therapy or also, attend Theater classes.
  • Attending conferences of other speakers or go to the defense of doctoral theses to observe other people and learn from them. You can also analyze the body language of some television presenters.
Finally, it should be recalled that every day there are very daily gestures that, little by little, you are preparing for public speaking: a job interview, attend a party where you know a few people, the first day of office... You can also initiate a process of coaching to overcome fear of public speaking.

Public speaking-emotional intelligence: Tips

Emotional intelligence is a very useful tool for correct and cope with fear of public speaking. Below are several tips to use in your favor and end your fear to speak in front of large audiences or unknown:
Even if you are very nervous, remember that others may be that they don't even notice that you're not. Therefore, smiles when speaking, if you're in a small Auditorium try, in an intermittent way, look into the eyes of the various partners. When you're talking to a large auditorium, then, set your attention on a point that is at the bottom of the room. If it is an act in which you have the possibility to invite someone, then, invited a good friend whose presence may give you peace of mind and security.
The days prior to the event, try to visualize yourself through relaxation exercises successfully speaking before a group of people. Recreate yourself in feelings of security which gives you that pleasure.
To feel more sure, he tries to go to the place in which you will speak, as they are an environment that you don't know, to gain information, mentalizing you familiarize yourself with the space days. The ideal would be to have a prior trial.
Where in the case of a talk in which you have to give a speech, the key to success is to work this Conference, devote time, rereads as many times as your text is needed. Get some annotations in the folios. For example, you can underline those words you want to emphasize more through intonation or where you want to pause.
Learning to relativize, don't put so much weight to an exhibition in public: what is the worst that can happen? You can make an introspection exercise to respond to this question and you will realize that, in reality, is best to dramatize not because there is no reason to do so. He becomes aware that the first ten minutes of exposure are the most difficult, once you're immersed to 100 percent in the field and focused on that moment, everything flows much more.
Remember that it is important to have a bottle of water to drink in case of feeling thirsty. Never say in an exhibition in public that you're very nervous, because you put still more nervous. Remember that although you are, others do not notice it much like you. Many people may not even realize it, or if they have, they won't give you so much importance.
It is fundamental to get timely and peaceful to the appointment because tardiness increases even more nervousness. The choice of the appropriate clothing is also important. Choose a look that you like you, that give you safety and with which you feel comfortable. In general, the choice of a professional look is always a success to talk in an atmosphere that is very formal. Therefore, you can use a suit jacket and black pants.

Other resources to help you speak in public

There is an excellent movie to reflect on the importance of overcoming the fear of public speaking: the King's speech (Tom Hooper). This film reflects that to deal with this fear, it is important to develop a technique and work as much as possible focusing on the objective.
There are different books that also can assist you in public speaking: the power of the word, published by William Walker, and the art of communication, written by Robert B. Dilts.
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