Test: Couple, would the communication fails?

Test: Couple, would the communication fails?

One of the secrets of the success of a couple is, without doubt, have the ability to communicate effectively. A communication from two directions in which important is know to transmit feelings and feelings, hopes, desires and fears, the ability to listen to others, and interpret correctly that not always is said with words.
Good communication is essential to knowing you better and help you when necessary, and also to overcome a bump or a bad streak because, if you don't really know what happened or how you feel your partner in this regard, how will you be able to solve it?
To avoid misunderstandings in your relationship, answers to our test and see if your communication is optimal or if you must eliminate interference:
  1. When has something bothered I my partner...
    1. I say that also respect his point of view.
    2. I'll shut up putting frowned upon until you guess it.
    3. I say that, although I admit that I lose roles.
  2. How do you think that it is your style of communication with your partner?
    1. Inhibited (do not say my opinion) or aggressive (express it badly).
    2. Assertive: I usually express my opinion respecting at all times the yours.
    3. It depends; Sometimes I say things but others I'll shut up.
  3. About sex...
    1. My partner and I talk openly about our preferences.
    2. Although rarely, we talked about this.
    3. It is almost a taboo subject for us.
  4. When you have a problem with your partner, who do talk you to?
    1. With him or her that is involved.
    2. With friends or family, but rarely with him/her.
    3. With him or her and others (friends, family,...) in the same proportion.
  5. The discussions with my partner always end...
    1. Reaching a point of view in common.
    2. Screaming or angry.
    3. With a bit of tightness.
  6. When I Express you my opinion or my partner I am...
    1. Well, since I understand and respect as I am.
    2. Understood but not accepted.
    3. Ignored.
  7. I think that when something you bothers your partner...
    1. It is better to not say to avoid creating bad atmosphere.
    2. We must tell them by dropping.
    3. If it is important we will pass it in a respectful way.
  8. When my partner expressed me a critique...
    1. I accept it if he is right and I disagree if you don't have it or I can not understand it.
    2. I try to defend me to excuse me, but I hear you.
    3. I contraataco, or ignore it.
  9. When there is evil understood in your relationship, to think that they are due?
    1. That he/she listen to what interests you.
    2. That sometimes happens, or we have not expressed well this time.
    3. Not to mention clearly and take things for granted.
  10. Do you think that you know what your partner dislike you it?
    1. The truth is that I have no idea.
    2. The suspect and any he or she expressed them me same.
    3. I think that the important Yes, as he himself has told me so.
  11. Do you think that your partner knows what you yourself dislike him/her?
    1. I understand that Yes, as I have expressed them is.
    2. No, I'd rather not tell them because then there is always trouble.
    3. It should, because "I give them is to understand".
  12. When I ask my partner a change in their behaviour...
    1. I usually do this criticizing his person itself.
    2. Explain you what of what I liked and I suggest you how to act next time.
    3. I criticize what he has done and I do not like.

Key and the communication partner test results

Add all the previous test scores and consultation interpretation associated with your result to check if your partner communication is good or convoluted and if it is a problem in your day to day:
  1. a= 0 b= 2 c= 1
  2. a= 2 b= 0 c= 1
  3. a= 0 b= 1 c= 2
  4. a= 0 b= 2 c= 1
  5. a= 0 b= 2 c= 1
  6. a= 0 b= 1 c= 2
  1. a= 2 b= 1 c= 0
  2. a= 0 b= 1 c= 2
  3. a= 1 b= 0 c= 2
  4. a= 2 b= 1 c= 0
  5. a= 0 b= 2 c= 1
  6. a= 2 b= 0 c= 1

Results of the test of communication as a couple

0-8 points - very good communication
You know rating what things have importance and what not in your relationship when it comes to inform the other of your approval or disapproval. First and foremost you maintain respect, mutual trust and the acceptance of the other. Keep this communication style, leaving the door open to misunderstanding.
8-16 points - communication weakens
It is true that you do but the way of doing this may not be the most appropriate; either by excess or defect, the truth is that content does not go well to each other. Assesses what is really important to transmit and transmit it concisely without leave for the branches.
16-24 points - no communication
Not evil you can communicate because you do not directly you. This is a major problem since "taken for granted" can bring you more than one misunderstanding that may damage your relationship. Must answer this question to you what the reason whereby you do not communicate with him or her?
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