The best applications for smartphones student

Applications for smartphones have reached very high levels of quality and performance, offering vast improvements to many areas, including entertainment and education.
From this humble niche publishing education thought this was should be inclined to technology. It is for this reason that today we will see some applications of smartphones recommended for students.


#5 Evernote

One of the best applications we have seen, free and multiplatform than most. Evernote has changed the way people study, take notes, and share knowledge in general.
Evernote lets you take virtual notes, whether text, images, audio recordings, videos, all with a user interface extremely well achieved.

# 4 Algeo Calculator

This free application for Android is a solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive graphing calculators.
This free application allows us to perform all actions that allow us a calculator, adding the ability to take screenshots and send by e-mail, zoom and view graphics in a TV or projector.

#3 Dropbox

Data backup is a critical and often underestimated element. Today depend so much on the hard drives that you do not even want to imagine what would happen if you suddenly lose all information. Can you imagine your thesis thrown away because of some virus
Dropbox allows us to save jobs in the safest place: away from ourselves. The application saves all our work in "the cloud" so that no matter what happens to your computer, laptop, tablet or pen, your work will always be safe online.

#2 Kindle

You do not need an e-reader to collect textbooks in digital format. For years, Amazon created this free app for tablets and smartphones, and now we can see our texts without lugging around stacks of books on top. Kindle is worth mentioning that works with any platform.

#1 Dragon Remote Microphone

For those lazy students who do not motivate them to write their notes by hand, Dragon Remote Microphone is the answer to their prayers. It is an application that converts speech to text, so that facilitates the cumbersome process of transcribing notes and summaries. The program is free and available for Android and iOS. 
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