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In this text, which is already well known, the effects of the memoranda (and need to know to write) are observed.


From: Director-general
A: Manager

Next Friday, around five in the afternoon, will be shown the Halley Comet in this area. It is an event which occurs every 78 years. Please, meet all the workers in the factory courtyard, with safety helmets, that there will explain them the phenomenon. If it were raining can not see this rare spectacle eye discovered; in this case, everyone should be addressed to the dining room, where a documentary about the comet will be exhibited.


From: Manager
A: human resources director

By order of the director-general, on Friday at five in the afternoon will be shown on the factory, if it rains, the Comet Halley. Meet the staff with safety helmet and bring it to the dining room, where a rare phenomenon that happens every 78 years to naked eye will take place.


From: Human resources manager
A: Chief of staff

At the request of CEO Halley scientist, 78 years old, it will appear nude in the dining room of the factory on Friday at five in the afternoon using a safety helmet, because it will be presenting a documentary on the problem of the rain, and the director will make a demonstration in the courtyard of the company.


From: Chief of staff
A: Chief on duty

Friday at 5 o'clock in the afternoon the director, for the first time in 78 years, will appear in the dining room to sign the documentary "Naked Halley", next to the famous scientist and his team. All must be with safety helmet because the documentary will seek security in conditions of rain.


From: Manager on duty
A: head of brigades

All, without exception, must be naked with the security agents in the courtyard of the same factory, this Friday at five in the afternoon. The director will come accompanied by Halley, a very famous artist, and his group, which will show the documentary "dancing in the rain". When it rains really, should go to the dining room with safety helmets. This occurs every 78 years.


Staff: Friday CEO is 78 years old. For this reason it will be free to everyone, without exception, for the party that will take place in the dining room at five in the afternoon with the Group Halley & his comets. All must go naked and wear condoms of security, because it will rain and is going to be tremendous party in the courtyard of the factory.

* Contribution of Adriana Gavina and Rose Mary Restrepo Velez, 11 October 2000.
Translated for educational purposes

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