The horchata cure diseases

A manuscript dating from 1824 reveals that Chufas milk was used for the treatment and recovery of various diseases such as mouth ulcers and gum cramps, dizziness and so on.
A neighbor Denia (Alicante) has discovered a manuscript II Conde de Soto Ameno and first constitutional mayor of Alicante, Nicholas Scorcia, dated December 29, 1824, which confirms that the value is Chufas milk-current Horchata Chufas had in medicine-nineteenth century, and the usual prescription of this drink by the time Valencia physicians for the treatment and recovery from illness, according to the Regulatory Board Designation of Origin Chufa Valencia.
In the unpublished manuscript, II Conde de Soto Ameno said that following his
arrival in the city of Valencia, by age and illness, he attended his doctor who prescribed and donkey milk Chufas to regain his failing health.
The document reveals that this drink was used as a "remedy for mouth ulcers and gum" or "relief for colic, for dizziness and stuns his head," among other ailments.
For Designation of Origin Chufa of Valencia, this manuscript "is very important" because "confirms the health benefits of horchata de Valencia, today endorsed by numerous medical studies, but popular tradition for centuries already knew" .
Luis Ramirez, a resident of Denia and author of the finding sheds 25 other historical documents of great documentary value to the city of Alicante and Valencia.

Properties milk chufas

It is one of the traditional drinks of Spain, especially in the Mediterranean area. This is a healthy and refreshing natural energy drink, healthy and beneficial digestive properties, identified empirically hundreds of years ago. . Contains carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, various vitamins and minerals, but no cholesterol
Some of its advantages over other non-alcoholic drinks are:
  • It has no caffeine or other stimulants, allowing its use for pregnant women, children and elderly.
  • The composition does not contain phosphoric acid.
  • Have lower caloric density than soft drinks sweetened.
  • It has digestive properties, derived from its amino acid content and starch.
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