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A master of construction already entered in years was ready to retire to enjoy his retirement pension. He told his boss about their plans to leave the job to take a more pleasant life with his wife and his family. I was going to miss his monthly salary, but I needed to retire; already they addressed them is somehow.

The boss realized that it was inevitable that his good employee left the company and asked him, as a personal favor, to make the last effort: build one House more. The man agreed and started its work, but saw clearly that it was not putting the heart in what was. Using lower quality materials, and his work, which is the same as the one of his assistants, was poor. It was an unfortunate way to put an end to his career.

When the bricklayer completed the work, the Chief went to inspect the House and extended him the keys to the front door. "This is your House, dear friend - said-. It is a gift for you".

Bricklayer had known he was building his own House, surely it would have made it totally different. Now you should have to live in the imperfect House which had been built!

We build our lives in a way distracted, reacting when we should act, and without putting in this performance the best of us. Many times, we even do our best at work. Then suddenly we see the situation that we have created and we discover that we are living in the House we have built. If we had known it earlier, we would have made it different. The conclusion is that we must think as if we were building our House. Every day we really a nail, got up a wall or build a roof. Build with wisdom is the only rule that we can strengthen our existence. Even if we live only for a day, that day deserves to be lived with grace and dignity. Life is like a project of doing so - DoItYourself. His life, now, is the result of your attitudes and choices of the past. His life of tomorrow will be the result of your attitudes and choices today!
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