The kings who were magicians?

To answer who were you wise men, we need to start looking at the Bible, mainly, in the Gospel of Matthew.

In this Gospel, tells how three magicians, travelled a long distance, to get to Bethlehem, to give gifts or offerings, to the newborn Messiah of the Jews. One of the most intriguing of the history of the Kings Magi told by Matthew, is the bright star that guided the Kings Magi, to the city of Bethlehem and the place of Christ's birth. Many experts consider that the safest, was a some kind of speed racer. Moreover, within the myths that surround this fact, it has been mentioned, that the star that guided the Kings Magi, was none other than Comet Halley.

The strange thing is that Matthew, does not represent the origin of these individuals. Does not even mention that they were Kings. Thus, it is believed that he used them to exalt Christ.

It has been speculated, also, the wise men, were people devoted to astronomy. And that they came from the region of Babylon. Or, from the East. Similarly, also thought that mega Kings, were people who were dedicated to astrology, and hence through the stars, could prevent that he would be born Christ, King of the Jews, in the city of Bethlehem. It is said were Babylon, since at the time he was born Jesus Christ, that part of East, was known for its astronomers and astrologers. In fact, the name of the days of the week is them must to the fans of the Babylonians by the stars (Monday comes from the Moon, Mars Tuesday, Wednesday's mercury,...)

With regard to the names of those who were the Kings Magi, these are Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. At least known in the West, since for certain, their original names are quite unknown. Traditionally it is believed that these Kings were three. This is due to the present who surrendered to Christ, in his Manger (gold, frankincense, and myrrh). Although even in several ancient artistic works, they have come to draw two Kings Magi, or even four.

It is known the story that one of the Kings Magi, was black. This is not in the collective unconscious, until the 14th century. Situation that is due to a quirk of a doctor of the Church, called Beda. He speaks of a European and an Asian and an African, through the description of their physical features. Situation that occurs, due to the fact that this Benedictine monk, in this way, wanted to give a universal character, reign of Christ over mankind.

Even with regard to their names (situation mentioned above, to the West), these are not the same in different geographic areas. Moreover, for certain people, they were twelve Kings Magi (as with the Armenians. Therefore, what is obvious, there are twelve names).

With regard to what happened with them, after having seen the Messiah, there is great clarity. With respect to the writings of Matthew, this mentions only that they mocked Herod so not to have to say, where was Christ.

Others mentioned, that over time, they became disciples of Saint Thomas. It is even said, that those who were the Kings Magi were consecrated as bishops, by the emerging church at the time, it is little likely given that the formal structure of the Church was developed later.

With regard to relics, at least those that are considered as such, rest in a Byzantine reliquary, in the German city of Cologne Cathedral. This has been so since the 12th century.
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