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A shop owner was putting on the door a sign saying: "Puppies for sale". As that kind of ads always attracts children, suddenly appeared a little and asked:

-What is the price of the puppies?

The owner answered:-between thirty and fifty dollars. The little boy put his hand to his pocket and pulled out a few coins.

-I have only $2.37. Can I see them?

The man smiled and whistled. The back left a dog followed by five dogs, one of which was left behind. Toddler immediately pointed to lagging pupfish.

-What happens to that dog? -He asked.

The man explained that the animal had defective hip and limp for the rest of his life. Child is much thrilled and exclaimed:

-That is the dog I want to buy! And the man replied:

-No, you are not going to buy that puppy. If you really want it, I gift you.

Toddler is displeased, and looking at the man in the eyes, said:

-No, I don't want you to give me. I think it's worth so much as the other puppies, and I will pay you the full price. In fact, I'm going to give my $2.37 now and fifty cents each month, until you have paid everything.

The man answered:

-Son, really don't want to buy that puppy. You will never be able to run, jump and play like the others.

The little boy reached down and lifted his pants to show his left leg, twisted and out of use, supported by a large metal device. He looked again at the man and said to him:

-Well, I I can't run very well either, and the puppy will need someone who understands it.

The man bit the lip and, with tear-filled eyes, said:

-Son, I hope that each one of these puppies have an owner like you.

In life no matter who we are, but rather someone to appreciate us for who we are, we accept and love us unconditionally.
Translated for educational purposes

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