The most important features of Windows 10

A few days ago Microsoft introduced the world to the successor of Windows 8, the flagship software of the company, which includes some new features and others that had been eliminated in previous versions, the highlight being the reinstatement of options such as the home, menu Microsoft had banished and which had caused a major controversy. It seems that the company has started to listen to its customers, and this can give rise to interesting possibilities.
Although in the first instance, and as it was completely logical, the new version of the Microsoft operating system should have been called Windows 9, the truth is that since the company opted for Windows 10, skipping a ninth edition, as well as all the other tentative as 365 Windows, Windows TH names and others, since for them the new version of Windows is an important qualitative leapand being prepared to be executed in a variety of different interrelated devices required that the name change is also at the height of the circumstances.
However, beyond as it will be called the new version of the Windows OS, is now available for the Technical Preview of Windows 10, download a version of the operating system aimed at users and specialists can taste qualities and new product options.
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As always happens sometime with Microsoft Office, skipping version number will mean for the user a significant amount of changes, both internal and external, to improve. At this point, changes and updates of the company policy for your product star seems to take the road of making small changes to the code regularly, what undoubtedly will be a benefit for all since major upgrades, i.e. the version updates, are often traumatic. This could mean that this could be the last major operating system upgrade.
Now, from this point, we know having us prepared Microsoft with new Windows 10.

New features and options for Windows 10

-A Windows only for all devices

Windows 10 has been redesigned with in mind the compatibility to be run on platforms very different from each other as Xbox, desktop PCs and laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices, i.e. that there will be a single version of the operating system for all of them, to be the OS that will be responsible for conform to all these scenarios automatically.
This technology, called Continuum, is able to automatically detect the type of device we are using and adapt the user interface accordingly.
A single version of Windows for various devices, also need a restructuring of the App Store of Microsoft, in this sense, the company has begun to distribute a package called Unified App Store, which will serve as basis so that designers can develop their applications for all these platforms in a much simpler way.
Other advantages of this new App Store will offer are the possibility that the user purchase or download them hassle-free software, in its place and for all platforms. In addition, will offer support for desktop applications and other types of content.

-Better Windows for business

In this new version of Windows, Microsoft also drives to reduce the complexity of some actions related to the world of business, and specifically having to do with security and the way in which you manipulate data, which aims to resolve many of the negative edges that the system has in this area.
From Windows 10, companies can customize an app store to perfectly fit your needs, requirements and scope in which they are handled.
This new app store will also offer support for licensing by volume and reuse of the licenses.

-Returns the start menu, but improved

The start menu is one of the features of Windows removed in version 8, and many users claim with emphasis. In this new version, again with all its flexibility but very improved, because you will offer a new personalized space to accommodate our apps, contacts and favorite websites.It also includes the famous "Tiles".

-Universal application in its own window

Called "Universal applications", the applications that you can download for Windows Store now open in a window, and you can perform the same actions as with the desktop, software is say, change its size, minimize them or close them.

-Multiple desktops

The possibility of having several desktops is a feature requested by users of Windows for years, provided in an indirect way by the firm with a small application to download separately, but that he never paid a real utility.
Starting with this release, we will have this feature running no casual or third-party applications, which always take more resources needed.

-Search for files faster

The file browser is another element of Windows 10 which incorporates some changes, as the possibility of having easily access files and folders that you access frequently, allowing us tranajar with a greater degree of comfort.

-New button: "Show tasks"

With this new feature, developers try to give the user a new method, and much simpler, of view all applications, folders, desks and files you have open at that time.But in addition it is not here, since you can also run them from the same place.

-Provision of screen sales

Windows 10 includes a new design of the window layout that allows us to have up to four applications in the same screen, also have at our disposal a list of applications and windows suggested that we can easily position when we need, giving us a very high flexibility. This last feature is new, and is called "Snap Assist".

-Command prompt

Since this new version of Windows, the command prompt will offer support for the common keyboard shortcuts such as copy, paste and cut, a feature already used in other operating systems, and very requested by Windows users.
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