The obstacles in our path | Anecdotes, parables and organizational reflections

Anecdotes, parables, fables
and reflections

Contents Parables and stories to teach values

A King put a big rock in the middle of the road, blocking the passage. Then hid to see if someone removed it.

The wealthiest merchants of the Kingdom and some courtiers who went simply surrounded the rock. Many blamed the King not to keep the roads clear, but none did something to remove the obstacle.

Then came a peasant carrying a load of vegetables. He left her on the floor and tried to move the rock to the side of the road. After pushing and much fatigued, he succeeded. While collecting his load, found a wallet on the floor, just where had been the rock. It contained many gold coins and a note from the King indicating that this was the reward for who cleared the road.

The peasant learned what others never understood.

Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve the condition itself. If you ever fall, get up and go ahead!


* Contribution of Sebastián Núñez and Lucía Posada, version of Tché Souto.
Translated for educational purposes

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