The role of the father during pregnancy

The role of the father in pregnancy

Pregnancy is no longer exclusive affair of women. The future father also must and can be protagonist of a great event that is increasingly more involved.
There is who does the Mexican Institute of sound, but men nowadays are no longer mere spectators of the pregnancy of their partners. Back are the times that the future Popes were limited to comply with reproduction and, nine months later, to expect nervous Hall above Hall down to tell you if it was a girl or boy.
And that tradition also dictates that the pregnancy is exclusive territory of women, around which is usually form a Council of wise - grandmother, aunts, cousins, friends-impregnable to the father, who feels displaced and without knowing very well what is your website.
So things, the best attitude that the future father can adopt is to be attentive to how the mother feels and, above all, to the changes that are taking place, which will let you know what she expects of it. Agree, they are not fattening fifteen kilos or have nausea in the morning, but can accompany you to the mandatory medical checks, classes of prepartum, take care of household chores more heavy, share your fears and, above all, treat yourself to the maximum, although without falling into an excess of punches that exceeds the needs of the couple.
Padrazos by nature
Biology is even willing to lend a hand: Although science is still not conclusive in this regard, several studies have shown that par excellence, testosterone, male hormone descends in man when your partner is pregnant, at the same time increasing the levels of estradiol, a type of estrogen (female hormone) and prolactin, involved in the development of the capacity of breastfeeding in women. It seems that it is biochemical responses to olfactory stimuli sent by women or, simply, to variations in the behavior of the female that cause, at the same time, hormonal changes in men that make them be more tender and caring. That is, somehow, nature also prepares men for his new role.
This would explain the pregnancy empathetic or Couvade syndrome, (word derived from French couver, which means hatching), which consists of presenting symptoms similar to the pregnant: sickness, mood swings, tiredness... extreme cases of empathy unusual.

Feel the men before pregnancy

But while the MOM feel the baby inside and is aware of what is happening, your partner has the impression to navigate in a more abstract universe in which the sense of paternity is not so obvious or so physical. Each man has his own pace of adaptation: some parents as know the news of the pregnancy feel, others develop it to the growth of the gut, others to pick up his son for the first time in arms and some even more later.
And is that having a child means a great responsibility, major changes, and many men are afraid of not being to rise to the occasion. Doubts of all kinds: how is my life with a son? Am I a good parent? How will it change the relationship with my wife? Can I keep my family? The best: accept that it is necessary to go through this period of questions, address them instead of ignoring them, and share them with partners, family members or friends who have already gone through this.
Sex is another of the great parental concerns. The physical appearance of women changes, and with it, many times, the libido. While some men's pregnancy is very sexy, it takes others the desire to. It is widely known that sex during pregnancy are not only taboo, but they are very healthy. But to a large extent depend on how to react the man with a big belly. The most advisable, once again, is not to hide the feelings and discuss clearly with the couple.

Paternal instinct

A good way to stimulate the parental instinct is to relate to the child as soon as possible, either through touch - stroked the belly of the woman - or voice. Towards the half of the pregnancy, the ear of the fetus is sufficiently developed to perceive external noises, and among those noises, the Pope's voice is one of the first recognized after birth, so your link will be much stronger.
Parents also have the invaluable help of advances in medicine, which, although they have not even let men fall pregnant, he allowed, thanks to ultrasound, see their future child and hear the beating of his heart from the first weeks of pregnancy, which makes them feel parents before childbirth.
Information, read everything you can, the more know the future father of the subject, better understand what is happening to his wife. Who cries at everything? Normal. Is that in the next minute very irascible? Normal also. That occasionally has a craving? Better please him with infinite patience, much-needed virtue in these nine long months.
Good pregnancy
Last but not least: men who are actively involved in the pregnancy affect the smooth running: its women have fewer miscarriages and fewer complications in pregnancy and childbirth. They also have less difficulty in the postpartum period and breastfeeding. And have less premature children or with low birth weight.
And, of course, the future father will suffer less post-partum depression and will be better prepared when born his son, that will need you and want so much to like her mother.
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