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There was a great violinist called Paganini. Some said that it was a strange person. Others, which had in it something supernatural. The magical notes that came from his violin had a different sound, and why no one wanted to miss the opportunity to see him play.

One night, the stage was filled with fans ready to receive it. The Orchestra entered and was applauded. The director entered and received a standing ovation. But when the figure of Paganini emerged, triumphant, the audience raved. The violinist put the instrument on the shoulder, and what followed was indescribable: black and white, fusas and quarter, eighth notes and sixteenth notes seemed to have wings and fly to the touch of those happy to fingers.

Suddenly, a strange sound interrupted the reverie of the audience: one of the strings of the violin of Paganini had broken. The director quit. The Orchestra went silent. The public was on hold. But Paganini did not stop. Looking at the score, continued extracting his atrophied violin sounds delicious. The director and Orchestra, admired, returned to play.

When the public is reassured, suddenly another disturbing sound attracted her attention. Another string of the violin is broken. The director and the Orchestra stopped again, but Paganini continued as if nothing had happened. Impressed, the musicians returned to play.

But the public could not imagine what was going to happen next. All attendees, amazed, shouted a "oohhh!" that echoed around the room: another violin rope had broken. The director and the Orchestra stopped. Public breathing ceased. But Paganini continued: as a musical contortionist, pulled all the possible sounds only rope that had destroyed violin. The director, rapt, encouraged, and the Orchestra returned to play with greater enthusiasm. The public went from silence to euphoria, the inertia to delirium.

Paganini reached the glory, and his name ran over time. It was not just a great violinist, but the symbol of the professional that continues forward even before the impossible.

When everything seems to be, give us a chance and keep going forward; We awaken to the Paganini that exists within us. Celebrity is the art to continue where others resolve to stop.
Translated for educational purposes

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