Thigh gap, the obsession with having thighs of 'Barbie'

Thigh gap is a new trend that it has become fashionable among adolescents obsessed by achieving a certain physical image, which in this case is that your thighs do not rub and remain separated by a space similar to the Barbiedoll that looks. It is unknown how did this idea, although it is suspected that its origin may be in the parade of the angels of Victoria's Secret of 2012, where appeared models with very thin legs.
The truth is that thanks to the Internet and to the social networking children quickly learn new trends and quickly extend them at the same time among your friends and acquaintances. Thus, on Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook, can be found numerous images of girls showing their skeletal legs or explaining how have achieved the desired thigh gap .
Experts warn that have separate thighs depends on the morphology of the body, and that not even suffice to be thin in order to get it. In fact, and although there are who resorts to cosmetic procedures to remove the fat on the inside of the thighs, many of the images circulating of famous women with a so-called thigh gap could be manipulated.
Experts warn that have separate thighs depends on the morphology of the body, and not enough with being thin to succeed
However, many young people undergo strict diets and performing strenuous exercises to achieve its goal, and then feel frustrated when the result does not match the effort. In addition, and according to experts, this obsession and the measures adopted to prevent that your thighs touch, may promote the emergence of anorexia and bulimia eating disorders.
For this reason, from associations that help to overcome such problems encourages parents to be attentive to important changes in the power of their teenage daughters or his physical appearance, and contact with professionals in these disorders as the Association in defence of the attention to Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia (ADANER).
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