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The young disciple of a Sage philosopher came to this House and said:

-Master, a friend of his was talking about you with malevolence.

-Wait! -the philosopher interrupted him-. Did you already go through three bars what are you going to tell me?

-Three grilles?

-Yes. The first is the gate of truth. Are you sure that what you say is absolutely true?

-No; I heard him tell a few neighbors.

-Then at least you've made it through the second gate, which is goodness. What you want to tell me, is good for anyone?

-No, actually not. On the contrary...

-Go! The last gate is the need. Is it necessary to let me know that you so worried?

-To tell the truth, no.

-Then said the wise man smiling, if it is not true, nor good, nor necessary, to bury it into oblivion.

How many bad times could avoid if we sometiéramos everything we say to these three bars...
Translated for educational purposes

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