Tips for adjusting the brightness of the screen of the notebook

One of the most frequent problems that tend to report users to use laptops for extended time, whether notebooks as netbooks, resides in visual exhaustion that cause, and although this is often associated with the size of the screens, especially when they do not have one size greater than 15 inches, the truth is that many times this is due to incorrect settings in the same brightness.
Of course that changes in the brightness of the screen of the notebook or netbook is for many a really simple process, although sometimes these settings are not configured in the correct and proper way, causing a series of problems that are not limited only to visual user depletion.
A misconfiguration in the brightness of the display, in the same way that happens with desktop computers, generates that we can not view images or videos with the quality that we should see them, and causing visual discomfort, which also goes to the detriment of the appreciation of the audiovisual material that we are seeing, especially if you want to edit such files.
Too glossy, like low brightness, you can not only cause us headache, but also large errors in the editing of pictures and videos, for which here are some tips to achieve a suitable configuration settings in the brightness of the screen of the laptop.
Increase and decrease of brightness
To adjust the brightness of the display, either to increase it or decrease it, on some models of notebooks and netbooks you can press and hold the key on the keyboard "Fn", and to start controlling brightness, have to press at the same time some of the keys that have the icon of the Sun.
In this way, by holding down at the same time the "Fn" keys and those having the Sun icon, for more or less, you can decrease or manually increase the brightness of the screen. Unfortunately, through this manual procedure is not possible on laptops make adjustments to contrast, which Yes we can carry out if we connect the notebook or netbook to another external monitor.
In the case of laptops Apple, usually the screen brightness adjustment keys tend to be F1 and F2, as in the case of the MacBook Pro models and MacBook Air.
Calibration of the brightness through the operating system
In addition to the manual procedure described above, is possible to perform calibration of the brightness of the screen of the laptop through the operating system.
This method, in the case of the Windows operating system, should be performed in the 'control Panel'.There we headed to the paragraph "System and security", and then in the item of 'Power options'. Once there, change the intensity of light through the option of "Display brightness".
In the case of having a portable Apple, we have to take into account that, in Mac OS, it is also possible to perform a similar procedure to modify the values in the intensity of the brightness of the computer screen.
To do this, we went to "System Preferences", then to "Display", where we can move the slider to change the lighting of the screen.
In all cases, we must always bear in mind that our laptop screen brightness should be adjusted according to the lighting conditions of our environment, so it is a feature that we always have to keep in mind to make the necessary adjustments, in order to improve our experience as users.
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