To crawl! The importance of the crawling

After 8-9 months, your baby soon discover how to move it alone: it has no more than throw down and crawl!, a stage that should not skip and which are not always pays attention.
Your baby goes through a period of transition to the ocho-nueve months: already held it clear, but it is not yet able to walk. And, however, will soon discover how to move it alone: it has no more than throw down and crawl!, a stage that should not skip and which are not always pays attention.

Is so important the crawling?

Do crawl? This funny way of moving seems perfectly normal... a stage in their psychomotor development. And it is true, although half: crawl requires great coordination of arms and legs, fearless spirit and desire to conquer the world. And, in addition, has motor, intellectual and emotional consequences, since crawl...:
  • Promotes the development of muscle: arms and legs get stronger: to the crawl is tone properly the muscles that will later allow the child to keep the column perfectly straight when mature to be able to stand.
  • Promotes coordination between what the eye sees and what the hand and foot: This aspect is important because then will be your child easier to walk if it coordinates well feet. There are children who are faced with ease because they do not coordinate properly. In addition, this aspect is very important to then learn to read and write, since in this process the eye and the hand must be coordinated.
  • Promotes balance: the head and body are in different plane and the child has to learn not to leave to the side or forward. You have to remain stable on four supports, to then make it about two.
  • Promotes the 'conquest' of the environment (change of plane, calculate distances): the crawling baby is obliged to calculate the distances to not colliding with a wall or a door, since the head is always ahead when it is crawling.
  • Enhances its tactile, olfactory, Visual qualities: is good start to be bright like glitter, that baby see for yourself its environment, in which there are many textures, colors, smells... their cerebral hemispheres work harder and better connected.
  • Your psychological Brown party favors: means that the baby is separated from her mother and begin to learn about the outside world -ready.

How it can favour the crawling?

80% Of kids go through this phase of exploration at ground level allowing them to fully develop their motor skills and begin to enjoy their autonomy. However, if your baby becomes Mexican Institute of sound or does not give signs of wanting to jump, you can help with these Tips:
  • It is important to leave the child released, on the floor, with clothes and comfortable shoes. If the baby slips much can put you some knee pads, at least when it is beginning. And no shoes, just a few non-skid socks.
  • Do not fail you toys very close of where he is. That arises desire and the desire to move for them. There are on the market specially designed plastic cylinders to help babies learn to crawl.
  • Even if the child has started to walk you can go back to crawl when you want to. In fact, there are some children begin to crawl after you start to take their first steps. Will not forbid it. If they return to the ground, it is because they need to acquire more security.
  • Get him to crawl, much like. Minicarreras can be made to pick up a toy, or simply imitate the child and make trips by avoiding an obstacle.
  • You can recreate different surfaces to crawl. In addition to the hard floor you can put pillows and cushions that pass to be able to get something, to climb; We can also use carpets.

And when it will get to go...?

Babies who crawl know his body better, move more easily and are more mature: are acquiring and security force to take their first steps towards the year, a process that is claimed from 16 months to two years. The normal is that at the beginning the child alternate crawling and March; It's okay, it's the normal process.
In addition, seek support in objects - usually furniture - walking short distances. It will chair to the table, the table to the couch and it will be extended distances to be gaining confidence. The same if you spread you arms: it will walk a few steps towards you (an unforgettable moment for the parents), but it may take several weeks until the child gets to walk unaided.

Crawling with security

The phase of the crawling is exciting but also requires to be very alert! It is the time to take some precautions necessary to protect the baby from possible domestic accidents:
  • Save on high all dangerous products (products of cleaning, medications, etc), it should be both the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • Tapad plugs of all rooms with guards and don't reach any dangerous object (marbles, scissors, plastic bags...). If there is low drawers, also should have placed safety interlocks.
  • Careful with corners of the low tables, indoor pots, the piles of books or magazines...
  • And none of the walkers: The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEPED) discourages its use - in some countries, as in Canada, it has banned even its marketing - because in addition to considerably increase the risk of falling, it has no beneficial effect on learning of the March, rather on the contrary. A child in a Walker does not see his feet, does not reach the ground objects, and of course, do not crawl.
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