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TRX: suspension training

What is the TRX?

There is no doubt that United States is one of the first powers also in the dissemination and implementation of fashion. Fortunately, not all are curious musical flasmob or foods unhealthy garbage, since Americans are some of the best exporters of new workout routines. The TRX, a sport that relies mainly on body weight, is one of the best is being introduced in Europe and the rest of the American continent.
The lack of material and adequate space could not be an excuse for soldiers of the Navy SEAL, United States Army special operations force, not to maintain his physical form. Therefore, one of its members, Randy Hetrick, managed to develop with what I had on hand (a belt of a parachute, tools to repair boats...) a contraption with ropes and webbing that allowed soldiers working your muscles with resistance from its own weight. He was born in suspension training, known popularly by the trademark TRX.
During the following months, Hetrick and his fellow Navy SEAL were improving the invention and developing a series of exercises to work all muscle groups. This anaerobic activity based on the force was implemented in all barracks to make the leap to the civilian population, which is hosting it with great interest. World sports stars as the NBA Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard basketball players (both at Los Angeles Lakers) or Kevin Durant (Oklahoma Thunder) have already tested the TRX and helped to popularize this sport discipline.

Does the TRX

Whether it is for those who want to work only their muscle power, as for those who want a work of strength combined with aerobic exercise (running, swimming, cycling, skating...), the TRX can be a good option for both kinds of athletes.
This exercise does not require a previous physical form, since there are sessions designed for all levels. However, like any other physical activity, it is recommended to put in the hands of qualified staff that teach how to correctly use the anchor and rope system, as well as consult a physician in case of any disease to determine if TRX suspension training does not imply any risk to health. Misuse can injure who uses it, although it is true that it is very difficult to get an injury.

Benefits of the TRX

The TRX seems to have more benefits than contraindications. One of them is that, although it is specially designed to work the muscle strength, is much more complete than traditional weight lifting and improves coordination, flexibility and mobility.
Although also develops the muscles of arms and legs, the central part of the body, known as 'core', is that maximum advantage out of this training. Abdominal, chest, buttocks and lower back muscles are working more, by what is a very suitable activity for those people who suffer from frequent way, back pain (especially back pain), since this system helps to strengthen it. In addition, it is in this area where the Centre of gravity (usually just above the hips while standing) and this training plays to reposition it, so that the muscles have to work against gravity.
TRX suspension training is also designed to work stabilizing muscles or clips (those that can maintain a proper posture when performing an exercise). This makes the risk of injury is minor, mostly of people who follow workout routines with exercises of force of repetition (weights).
While it is not an aerobic sport, the TRX also helps to lose weight. This is because that requires to work different muscle groups, thus making to increase its size and heart rate to cover the exercise and, with all this, the energy requirement and, therefore, calories. However, people who want to lose weight best is looking to other activities with higher calorie consumption to complete training in suspension.

Practice TRX gym

TRX sessions require an effort proportional to the physique of each of the participants, by which, with the same material, can be trained all over the world. This has encouraged many gyms to incorporate this material into its facilities, since they may offer classes to a wide variety of clients, such as those who are not comfortable in the area of weights between the usual musculitos.
Those who are interested to start this type of sport must learn well to do routines to do not risk an unwanted injury. For this reason, the ideal is to start your practice in a gym that has a specialized monitor or with a personal trainer, who have had specific training in TRX.
Some gyms have gone further and have devised classes combined with other sports specialties. Thus, for example, is already being applied the air-pilates, combines both disciplines with the aim of further strengthening of the muscles of back and power Center.
The price of the TRX suspension training classes varies depending on the gym and the type of fertiliser having the client, although there are classes from 30 euros per month of no less than 30 minutes.
Working in the company tends to be an incentive for many athletes, that can also be found cheaper sessions at universities with prices subsidized by very few euros (however not available for everyone) and until now are groups of people who train together in parks.

Practice TRX at home

Although having the material for the practice of the TRX at home obliges an initial disbursement ranging from 200 euros for a Starter Pack, is an ideal choice for people who have little time to go to the gym, since it allows to install it in your favorite room of the home and to exercise at any time.
We can say that we are carrying out a training suspended when, either the hands or the feet, they are supported or seized to anchor system, while the opposite side of the body is maintained in contact with the body. Therefore you should choose a place in house enabling us to anchor the device securely (wall, door...) and, in turn, perform movements with enough space, always keeping a good posture and tension of the belts and avoiding oscillation and rubbing.
The basic material for TRX not reached per kilo of weight, so it is also recommended for those people who travel a lot for professional reasons and do not want to lose the way between business and business.

The TRX core exercises

Although a full TRX suspension training program has many different exercises, here we suggest three basic exercises for power introduced into the practice of this sport. Before you get some good running shoes and comfortable clothes, be sure to pay close attention to each one of the steps to avoid injury and confirm with your doctor that you are suitable for this sport.
(Pectoral) chest Press: with a more advanced than the other foot (compensation position) and arms extended forward holding straps, see bending arms, tilting the chest forward and bending the knee of the forward leg. Again, little by little, to the starting position and do not forget to change the position of the legs to work both.
Remo (upper part of the back): stand front to the unit with a more advanced than the other foot (compensation position) and with arms extended. Merge, little by little, making force with arms and contracting the muscles of the back. Again, little by little, to the starting position and do not forget to change the position of the legs to work both.
Squats (upper leg): stand in front of the gadget with the straight back and straight legs (the intensity of exercise will depend, largely, how much have separate legs: with them together, cost more). Slowly bend knees, without separating the feet from the ground and returns to the starting position.
Tries to keep each posture about 20-30 seconds and do not forget another 30 seconds rest between each of the repetitions.
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