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A King was presented with two Falcon chicks and handed them over to the master of falconry that he trained them. After a few months, the instructor reported you that one of the hawks was perfectly polite, but did not know what happened to the other: it had not moved the branch from the day of their arrival at the Palace, and even had to bring the food up there.

The king commanded to call healers and healers of all kinds, but nobody could do to fly the bird. Then ordered the mission members of the Court, but nothing happened; out the window of their rooms, the monarch saw the bird continued still. He finally published one side between his subjects asking for help, and the next morning saw the Falcon fly smoothly through the gardens.

-Bring me the author of this miracle - he said.

Then they presented to a farmer.

-Did you fly the Hawk? How what you did? Are you a magician, perhaps?

Between happy and intimidated, the man explained:-was not difficult, H.h.: just cut the branch. Bird realized he had wings and was launched to fly.

Thus we are human beings. We are tied to the past and the present because no we have realised that we have the power to fly and find our true destiny.

Some have the privilege that some event break the habit, of the Security Branch. Only then realize that are superior to the circumstances.

On many occasions we have everything and do not manage to live fully; Perhaps it is necessary that someone cut the branch so we can risk the flight. Sometimes unexpected things and that in principle they seem negative are true blessings.
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