What are the types of voice?

The voice is considered as the only natural instrument of the human being. Each person has a different voice, with its own characteristics and skills type. To differentiate the types of voice, always they have tried to classify, but doing so has been discussions by the various points of view. On the basis of a division of voices male and female, have made additional classifications according to various aspects of the voice that at the time of singing are evident, as the ringer, tone, intensity, etc.

Types of voice or the voices are essentially classified in soprano, mezzo-soprano, Alto, tenor, baritone and bass, being the first three female records and the other three, male records. This classification is according to the position, i.e. the tonal range of voice. He is understood as a set of notes that you can sing or issue a person, feeling comfortable, without forcing the vocal cords.

The soprano are the sharpest female voices. In the operas they have occupied more high-ranking positions, usually having papers protagonists in the works. The sopranos are basically classified into light sopranos, sopranos lyrical and dramatic sopranos. Light soprano is having a most acute and extensive record but lower body than other sopranos. Light soprano that can sing with more agility and sharpness is called coloratura soprano. The lyric soprano can sing with more volume than the light but not so acute. The dramatic soprano has the most serious voice of the sopranos and brighter timbre; This soprano requires more dramatic skills than their peers.

The mezzo-soprano are rather more serious than the sopranos voices and can perform complicated skills. They are classified into light mezzo and mezzo dramatic. The light mezzo is characterized by a more serious than the soprano, although close to the dramatic record; It has flexibility and ability to sing fast ornamented passages. The dramatic mezzo soprano seems dramatic with the difference to be able to run serious rich and powerful; usually, they represented antagonistic characters.

The contracts are the most serious female voices. They are considered very rare and are characterized by serious more potent than any other singer. Due to its extreme rarity, the roles in the operas are reduced and many times it has to interpret the mezzo-Sopranos with more dark. The tenors are men's sharpest voices. They are basically divided into light lyric tenor, lyric tenor and dramatic tenor, among others. The light lyric tenor is that can sing with comfort in the highest grades in the male register; You can also perform ornamentation and phrasing. The tenor lírico, not as sharp as the first, but with more firmness and voice projection. The dramatic tenor has a record far worse, but more powerful; In addition, they have dramatic intensity.

Baritones have more severe than the tenor voices and, generally, cannot run agility. They are basically divided into baritone and bass baritone. The baritone is the most common male voice; It is more serious and darker than the tenor; It has good treble but serious not very powerful. Bass baritone has a record between a baritone and a bass, is the more serious baritone but can emit bright treble.

Finally, basses are among the types of voice male voices more serious and dark; agility of great difficulty, compared with the executed by light tenors and light mezzos are required in comic operas.
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