What are the writings of Mormon?

The Mormons or latter-day Saints, believe in four books that they consider writing, i.e., sacred or canonical. The Bible, both the old and New Testament, the book of Mormon: another testament of Jesus Christ, doctrine and covenants, and the Pearl of great price. These four books are used as an adjunct in the teachings of Mormon and under these teachings, principles that live are based.

The Bible is a very important book for the so-called SUD. Study both the old and the New Testament, and believe that their content is of God dealing with the prophets of the old continent. The Bible is the work of prophets and inspired writers who acted for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The old testament contains the teachings of ancient prophets who taught of Christ before that he came to Earth. It was written almost entirely in Hebrew. As for the New Testament, containing the writings of Apostolic times, about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in his earthly Ministry, and the teachings of the Apostles and followers, who lived after his death and resurrection. It was written almost entirely in Greek. Mormons believe in the Bible as the word of God and consider it a sacred book.

The book of Mormon: Another testament of Jesucristo, is another of the sacred writings of the Mormons. Because of this book, which bears the name of one of the prophets who wrote in it, identifies the latter-day Saints popularly as "Mormons". The book of Mormon is of God dealing with the ancient inhabitants of America, where God would have also called prophets to publicize his word. He was written in gold leaf which went to grupadas and abridged by Mormon Prophet and then his son Moroni, buried them so they remain hidden until in 1820, God called José Smith, as the first Prophet of this last period prior to the second coming of Christ. José Smith would have translated blades by the power of God, into the English language. They were written in a combination of the Hebrew with a reformed Egyptian. Its publication was in the year 1830. Mormons believe that this writing is the key to their religion, since establishing the truth of the book, also establish the truth of the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the latter day. This book is not another Bible, but a complement to it. The mentioned LDS study both books as if they were one.

Other writing of Mormons is doctrine and covenants. This is a volume of writings that contains a collection of revelations that God gave the Prophet José Smith and some of his successors to the Presidency of LDS Jesucristo. All these revelations, would have given instructions for the establishment of the Church of Jesus Christ in the last days. What makes a different script, is that it is not a translation of ancient writings, but modern writings that God gave to people who live in these days, that Mormons considered the last, before the second coming of Christ.

The fourth book sacred to Mormons is the Pearl of great price. Its name comes from the writing of Matthew 13: 45-46, where it is explained that the Kingdom of God on Earth is similar to a "Pearl of great price". This is a collection of writings that contains the book of Moses, parts of the translation of José Smith de Génesis; José Smith-Mateo, translation of Chapter 24 of Matthew Joseph; the book of Abraham, translation of Jose of Egyptian papyri which obtained in 1835; José Smith-Historia, a part of the history of the Church of Jesus Christ SUD in the time of Joseph; and the articles of faith, thirteen statements of the beliefs of the Church. The Pearl of great price contains sacred writings which would have lost the Bible, about the plan of salvation, the creation and the dealings of God with Adam and Enoch.

In addition to these four canonical books, the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the latter day also considered writing, all the words of the Prophet and the modern Apostles, receive monthly through a magazine called Ensign.

All the above Scriptures, used constantly between Member SUD, in the meetings of the Church, as in the homes of each of them. LDS Jesucristo encourages the personal and family study of the Scriptures in order to understand the principles that will lead them to have peace in this life and in the life to come.
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