What the Chinese mandarin?

Language or mandarin language means "wise language of China". Chinese mandarin is the language most widely spoken in China. Country in which inhabit more than one billion people. It is known that more than 800 million Chinese, speak this language. Due to the economic importance of China today, and the projections of the importance that will have in the future, is that the demand for learning Chinese would send is on the rise; Surely, some say, in the near future, along with the English and the Spanish will be a necessary learning language.

Chinese mandarin, is that language, in which several intelligible dialects mutually merge. These dialects, come both from the South-West, North and center of China.

Other dialects, usually those in Southeast China, generally are regarded as languages that differ enough from the mandarin. Conclusion to which various Chinese linguists arrive. Within these dialects that are considered as different languages, include the wu and Cantonese.

Therefore, Chinese mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China. In which this language is known by the word pǔtonghua. In Spanish it means "common speech".

With respect to the history of the Chinese mandarin, one can say that for various reasons this was finished by imposing above other dialects. The homogeneity of the language that existed in the areas of North China was due to geographical reasons, as the abundance of prairies. Prevailing different languages, due to the mountainous area in the South. The prevalence of Chinese mandarin over other languages in areas in the South of China is due to a plague in the 12th century, that depopulated the area, still the same then inhabited by the people who came from the North. In a book of rhymes from the Yuan dynasty, already important characteristics can be seen from what we know today as the mandarin. Since the mid-20th century, due in large part to official efforts, Chinese mandarin has imposed itself as the dominant language. These efforts also born the official system of transcription of the Chinese mandarin, which is called pinyin; This allows you to write and read the Chinese using Western characters along with symbols to mark the accents and pronunciations.

We can also point to the pinyin or transcription the alphabet system Latin Mandarin (as it is known linguistically), was officially approved by the Government of the People's Republic of China, in the year of 1958. At the beginning of 1979, was officially adopted for the nation. The main utility that has the pinyin, is that it is the only system approved by the Chinese Government, as an officer, to transcribe mandarin, to the Latin alphabet. In addition, it can be understood to pinyin, as a system of writing, which is based on a letter by each phoneme pronounced.

Similarly, Chinese mandarin, was born as a tonal and analytic, language that has no verbal inflection. Since its inception, Chinese mandarin has always been a language which possesses an ideographic writing or read, as it is sometimes called by some linguists; each symbol represents ideas or whole words. For this reason to learn Chinese mandarin required years of study; It is said that with the knowledge of 3000 symbols, the most used, could be a good basic language skills. Enough work.

The mandarin is one of the six official languages, which are spoken within the United Nations.
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