What foods stain your teeth?

To look a beautiful smile is necessary to keep teeth white and healthy. There are circumstances, such as taking certain medications in children during the formation of teeth - tetracycline, for example - that obscure the teeth, and tooth whitening techniques that need to solve the problem.
But there are foods and beverages that are a threat to the whiteness of our teeth, because they contain substances shades that you can adhere to tooth enamel - which is porous - and stain the teeth. Foods with a high degree of acidity, can also erode the enamel and facilitate the action of these dyes.
The best prevention - and the cheapest - against the emergence of stains that ruin your smile is not abuse of this type of products, and maintaining proper oral hygiene, especially after consumption. We then offer you a list of those foods that is best to avoid to keep teeth white:
Coffee : like the teacontains tannins, and as other drinks dark it can cause permanent stains. If you opt for tea, it is best to choose white or green, rather than black tea.
Wine: wine red is also a great enemy of our teeth because, besides containing chromogenic and tannins, also has a high level of acidity, which erodes the enamel, so it is easier for pigments to seep and darkened teeth. Also beware of white wine, because despite its color clear is also acidic and rich in tannins.
Fruits and vegetables: dark color can also stain teeth, and citricacid, also damaged enamel.
Cola drinks and packaged fruit juice: the juice of red fruits - such as BlackBerry or Blueberry - which have a very intense colour, or those containing citrus, also cause stains. The same goes for cola beverages, whose dyes affect the teeth.
Sauces and condiments: soy or the tomatosauce, balsamic vinegar and curry.

Foods that protect the teeth

There are also foods that although they can be considered is natural bleach , help keep teeth clean and healthy, or encourage salivation, neutralizing acidic substances in this way:
Fruits and vegetables: in general, this is the case of fruits and vegetables tough and fibrous, like Apple, carrot, lettuce or celery.
Dairy products: milk, cheese, yoghurt natural. The cheese is especially recommended and you can take for dessert because it increases the amount of saliva - countering the action of acids, and contains calcium - essential for bone health - and casein, a milk protein that prevents enamel demineralization.
Food colour: are those that are recommended to include in the diet after a whitening treatment, precisely because they do not stain the teeth: white rice, meat and fish, dairy, pasta (with clear, such as cream or bechamel sauces), white chocolate ...
Chewing sugar-free gum: chew sugar-free gum can be a good alternative if it is not possible to brush your teeth after a meal. Artificial sweeteners do not affect oral health, and chewing gum stimulates saliva production, which contributes to remove food debris and to prevent the occurrence of caries.
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