What is the book of Mormon?

The book of Mormon is one of the books that the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the last day (SUD) accepted as sacred or canonical. It is also accepted by other organizations that have been shed from the original church, as the community of Christ and other branches over time. The book of Mormon is considered by the so-called LDS Church, as a sacred historical record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants of America, from among those who chose prophets. It is why is considered a book similar to the Bible and, in fact, both books are used as an adjunct in the aforementioned church.

The history of the book of Mormon is that it was written on sheets of metal, by prophets who lived on the American continent from 600 B.c. to A.d. 421 All the writings resulted in numerous plates of metal, by 385 A.d., were collected, revised and abridged by a prophet named Mormon. In fact, the name of the book is a way to honor the name of Mormon, for her work to summarize the nearly 1000 years of history that spans the book. In A.d. 421, the compendium was in the hands of Moroni, son of Mormon who, after adding their own words, hid the plates, by God's command, on a hill called Cumorah. The record would have remained hidden, underground, until the year 1827, when it was handed over to José Smith, by the hands of the same Moroni, this time as an angel sent from God. Moroni led Joseph to the place and gave him the instructions and tools to translate the writings. José Smith, then translated the plates into English. The plates were written, according to the book itself, in the language of the Jews (Hebrew), combined with a reformed Egyptian.

The Church of Jesus Christ claims that José Smith translated the book of God's power and with the help of translators called Urim and Thummim. In addition, they consider the book as a result that demonstrates the authenticity of Joseph as a prophet called by God. José received support from some people who acted as scribes while he translated, especially, Oliver Cowdery. Emma Smith, Joseph's wife would also have helped. The book of Mormon was published in 1830, in Palmyra, New York, the same year it was established, or according to them, it was restored, the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the latter day.

In the book of Mormon will tell the stories of two civilizations who came from the old continent to the Americas. One of them would have come from Jerusalem in 600 B.c., led by a prophet named Lehi. Over time, would have divided into two great peoples: the Nephites, who accepted the commandments of God and the belief of Christ; and the Lamanites, which refused to accept those beliefs and became a people warlike and bloodthirsty. Other great civilization known as the Jaredite, would have come long before, by the year 2000 BC, in the time that Dios confused the languages while they built the Tower of Babel. Additionally, another group that would have come with Amulek, that would be the only survivor of the sons of Zedekiah, King of Judah, when that town was invaded, destroyed and brought into bondage about 589 b.c. is mentioned in the book All these people would have been destroyed, with the exception of the Lamanites, that would be the main ancestors of the pre-Columbian peoples such as the incas, Mayans and Aztecs

The main teaching of the book of Mormon is to believe in Jesus Christ as the only way by which man can reach God the father. In fact, the title of the book is: "The book of Mormon: another testament of Jesus Christ". Those words were added to clarify that the book is a complement to other scriptures such as the Bible and not a replacement of the same (in fact, ensures that the book came to light to establish the truth of the Bible). In addition, the presentation of the book States that the aim of the book is to "convince the Jew and the gentile that Jesus is the Christ". All the stories in the book of Mormon, which is considered most important is the coming of Jesus Christ to the American continent, which appeared to the people of the Nephites soon after his resurrection, and it would have done to demonstrate that he remembered all his sheep, in all Nations. In short, according to the own introduction, in the book "the doctrine of the Gospel, is exposed he is described the plan of salvation, and tells men what to do to achieve peace in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come".

Since its publication, the book of Mormon has delivered for the work of the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ SUD in countries where the Church is established. It is the main teaching tool of the missionaries, which invite people to ask God.
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