What is the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the day last?

The Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the last day, is a religious organization known worldwide as the Mormon Church. It is the Church original and largest of the mormon movement, term by which are known members of other branches that were separated from the so-called LDS Church. Jesucristo LDS is so called to indicate that the Church is Jesus Christ, and not of a man. "Saints", name which the followers of Jesus Christ were known in his time and "latter day", to indicate the difference with the primitive Church of Christ and the last days before his second coming. The nickname "Mormons" (not offensive to the South), is by the use of the book of Mormon (name of an ancient American Prophet).

The Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the latter day was organized on April 6, 1830 in New York, United States. For the SUD members, that is the date of the restoration of the Church. Explained with the call of God's prophets from the beginning of time, i.e., from Adam. From the beginning God revealed their affairs to these chosen men and so happened until the same Jesus Christ came to Earth and organized his Church on the basis of prophets and Apostles. After the death of Jesus Christ, Pedro would have been as Prophet together 12 Apostles, but the persecution of Christians at that time resulted in the death of these religious leaders. As a result, Dios would have retired to the prophets and revelation, which caused a spiritual darkness.

In the time of 1820 results from that darkness would be with many churches preaching different things and claiming to be God. In that same confusion José Smith would have found at the age of 14 years. Joseph wanted to know what was the true Church to join her, so it consulted the Bible with persistence. The writing of James 1:5 that shows call God if there is lack of wisdom, led him to go to a nearby home Grove to say a prayer to God. José Smith said that in response, God the father and Jesus Christ came and told him that no church was true. Subsequently, other celestial visits would give him the authority to be a new Prophet to recent times. During that time, have would have delivered to José a gold plates which should be translated. These plates would be the book of Mormon, published in 1830, the same year that the Church of Jesus Christ of the saints of the latter day was officially organized.

From the beginning, the LDS Church suffered persecution, since their beliefs caused great agitation among neighboring peoples. As a result, the Mormon pioneers had to start and move to many different places, traveling distances of up to 1600 kilometers walk, wagons and trucks of hands. From New York to Ohio, then to Missouri and Illinois, later to Iowa and ultimately Salt Lake on the current state of Utah where they settled. As a result of these trips and persecutions, many latter-day Saints lost their lives, including José Smith, who was assassinated in Carthage, Illinois. Brigham Young was elected the new Prophet and was who led the pioneers to Salt Lake. Due to the Church's missionary work, their growth was very fast from the beginning and has become today one of the most recognized churches in the world.

The LDS Church is organized on the basis of apostles and prophets, following the model of the early Church of Jesus Christ. He would be who would be at the head of the Church with a prophet as representative on Earth. The Prophet is the first Presidency along with two counselors. The rest of the General leadership are the Quorum of the twelve apostles, presided over by the senior Apostle; the presiding bishopric, a Presiding Bishop and two counselors; and the first and second quorums of the seventy. All of them are general authorities of the LDS Church. After they are from the third to the eighth Quorum of the seventies as Area authorities. There are also General presidencies for the various auxiliary organizations of the LDS Church.

The Church is organized at local level with units called stakes, divided in smaller parts called neighborhoods. A stake and his two counselors; President presides over the stakes a Bishop presides over the neighborhoods with his two counselors. Normally, each district has its own meeting center called Chapel. One of these chapels also works as a stake Center. When units are smaller, are called districts, which are divided into branches. Also accounts with their presidencies and meetinghouses.

In each ward or branch, there are so-called auxiliary organizations. Each one is headed by a President and two counselors. Presided over organizations
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