What is faith?

No doubt it's an abstract concept of very difficult definition. Faith is a term of the religion that refers to the Act of blindly believing in something, either a deity or a set of issues specific to the religion in question. Own faith belief makes the matter believed something so strong that adopts the character of true yet proved. Faith can also be understood as that attitude, which includes both will and intellect, of all being that it addresses something divine or a Supreme entity.

More specifically, the Catholic religion include faith as one of the three theological virtues, placing it even in the first place, that the Church seated God's revelation.

A definition of faith can be found in the Bible. This definition is in Hebrews 11:1 and reads as follows: "is, therefore, the certainty that is expected, the faith the conviction of things not seen". As we can see, it's one of the pillars of the Catholic religion, behaving as one of the reasons, or even the most important thing that has allowed to keep to the Church, as an institution, standing for so long.

For religions in general, whatever its nature, faith behaves as something fundamental, moreover, without the faith of the faithful, beliefs would be, fading and allowing religion to break it. The foregoing, since something basic of all religions is that there are issues that only think, issues that believers accepted only by their religion says it, adopting as a belief as true verifiable matters through history or science.

Beyond the religious sphere, faith is present in the development and acting of all human beings. From one point of view we could not function in the world without faith or conviction about the agenda and development of things, although in the majority of cases we do not have evidence or knowledge to "scientifically prove" these convictions, just believe in them.
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