What is the test or Bechdel test?

It is thus a non-standard qualitative test which aims to demonstrate that a film has a big gender gap, i.e. wants to show that the film is sexist. The Bechdel test is qualitative and not standard because it was not designed in a scientific way, actually does not measure actually if a script of a film is geared towards machismo.

The test was proposed in a comic strip called "Dykes to Watch Out For", which translates as "A few rolls of care" the cartoonist Alison Bechdel. As note will say that the translation interprets "Dykes" word it as "buns", some people do riot but which should be translated as "putillas" that is closer to the original sense of comic strip, because trafficking in Mo and her Lesbian friends dealing with stereotypes of society. The Strip was published from 1983 until 2003. In 1985 in a strip called "The Rule" or "Rule" in Spanish, Wallace, one of the characters in the Strip, proposes that a film has a big gender gap if it does not meet one of three questions:

First: there at least two female characters in the film? (Presumably they are central characters)

Second: these characters is speak one to another at some point?

Third: do such conversation is about something that is not a man? (In fact two sisters talking about his dad would not be test)

If one of the questions is answered with a no, the film would have a large gender gap. If to take questions in the masculine sense, i.e. in reverse, and all are answered positively then the gender gap is much greater. The call also the "test Bechdel/Wallace" test because in effect the author has a friend with that surname, and they say that in a conversation, she invented the test, but it is also known as the "test of The Rule", "proof of the rule" or "Mo test". By the way Mo is the alter ego of Bechdel.

This was one of those cases in which popular culture becomes something formal. Although, to some specialists, the test is not very rigorous is a simple way to determine whether in fact the movies have such gender gap. It is also incredible the impact that tube such test and the most fascinating of the matter is that almost no film has surpassed it. Many argue that it is an indicator of how the film industry is directed to focus on male figures and may have reason.

There are also other more formal tests, some other very empirical and am surprised how match the Bechdel, which the valid by far. The interesting thing about this whole affair is that there are several criteria that are running in the same direction as the test: there is a big gender gap in most of the films.
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