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When Lady arrived at the station, they informed him that his train would delay an hour. A little wearily, bought a magazine, a packet of biscuits and a bottle of water. You searched for a bank in the central platform and sat down, ready and waiting.

While you ojeaba magazine, a young man sat down beside her and began to read a newspaper. Suddenly, without saying a single word, he stretched his hand, took the package of cookies, opened it and began to eat. The lady was upset. He didn't want to be rude but do either account that nothing had happened. So, with a gesture exaggerated, he took the package, took a biscuit and ate it staring at the young.

In response, young took another cookie and staring at the Lady in the eyes, took her to the mouth. Already angry, she grabbed another cookie, and with visible signs of annoyance, ate it staring at him.

The dialogue of glances and smiles continued between cookie and biscuit. She was becoming more irritated, and ever smiling boy. Finally, she realized that there was only one cookie, and thought: "May not be so cheeky," while alternately looked to the young and to the package. With much calm young lengthened the hand, took the biscuit and broke it in two. With a friendly gesture, it offered half his partner's Bank.

-Thanks! -She taking with rudeness piece of cookie said.

-Of no - replied the young man smiling, while he ate his half.

Then the train announced his departure. Lady Rose furious Bank and boarded his wagon. From the window, he saw the boy still sat on the platform and thought: "what insolent and poorly educated! What will happen to our world!" Suddenly he felt the dry mouth by disgust. He opened his bag to remove the water bottle and was stunned when he found there his package of cookie intact.

How many times our prejudices and hasty decisions make us wrongly valuing others and committing serious mistakes. Often mistrust, already installed in us makes that we Let's arbitrarily to people and situations, encasing them in preconceived ideas away from reality.

Usually worry by events that are not real and us rack with problems that perhaps never will happen.

An old proverb says:

Fighting, judging before time and altering it fails never enough; but being fair, giving and watching others with a simple share in serenity, gets more than expected.
Translated for educational purposes

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